'The Lost Symbol' Adaptation Snags Screenwriter

Last April we reported on the fact that a movie was being planned based on the book The Lost Symbol, the third installment in the series of books by Dan Brown which includes The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. At that time The Lost Symbol hadn't even been published yet and the studio had yet to see how the Angels & Demons adaptation would do at the box office compared to the $758 million gross of Da Vinci Code.

Now we learn - via Variety - that Columbia Pictures is moving ahead with its movie adaptation of The Lost Symbol and a screenwriter has already been tapped in the form of Steven Knight. Knight is probably best known for writing Eastern Promises but has also penned Dirty Pretty Things and Amazing Grace (he also wrote drafts of Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island and the third Narnia installment, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader). Columbia was keen to work with him again after acquiring his script Pawn Sacrifice last year, a film about American chess icon, Bobby Fischer.

For those of you who don't know, The Lost Symbol is the sequel to The Da Vinci Code and follows symbologist Robert Langdon once again trying to solve a coded mystery.This time the setting is Washington D.C., where Langdon begins decoding the symbols of the Freemasons (wait, wasn't National Treasure about that?...). The book was a huge bestseller last year, moving over a million copies in its first day.

Even if Angels & Demons didn't hit the same level of financial success that The Da Vinci Code did ($486 million and $758 million, respectively), the studio still has high hopes for The Lost Symbol movie. Neither Tom Hanks nor director Ron Howard have signed on to star and direct again, but it's looking likely (I'm guessing big paychecks will lure them back for one more go around). Brian Grazer and John Calley will return to produce after doing so on the first two movies.

I found The Da Vinci Code to be a bit of a lifeless and boring movie (that went on and on and on...), and even though Angels & Demons improved on the entertainment side of things, it wasn't anything memorable. I'll admit I'm not familiar with any of the source material books, including The Lost Symbol, but going purely from the movie versions I can't say I'm all that interested in a third installment. But I have no doubt it will be a success when it comes out - even if it doesn't hit the financial heights The Da Vinci Code did.

Are you interested in an adaptation of The Lost Symbol? Should both Hanks and Howard return to do another?

Screen Rant will keep you updated when we might see The Lost Symbol in theaters. Stay tuned.

Source: Variety

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