Comic-Con: Exclusive Interview With 'The Lost Room' Creators

The Lost Room: Season 2 Comic Book

With your announcement of The Lost Room: Season 2 comic book with Red 5, are we going to see what would have happened if The Lost Room had been picked up as a television series on Sci-Fi (now SyFy)?

Christopher: Yeah, we published a comic book with them called “We Kill Monsters” and had a good time with them. They brought up [creating a comic based on The Lost Room] to us – we had sort of talked about it a long time ago, but [Red 5] brought it back up to us and Lionsgate was game and gave us the license.

Laura: We’re starting with a new protagonist.

Christopher: And picking up about a year later.

Laura: Several of the characters that were established in the show (Wally, Weasel ..etc) will come back. Maybe not necessarily in the very first issue, but in the life of the comic - we have stories for all of them planned.

Christopher: I think that we can say Weasel comes back early in a really different way that I think is cool. That’s the cool thing – these characters still populate the universe and they can pop up.

Laura: Even Joe, who’s not the protagonist anymore – we talk about where he is and what’s going on with him.

Are you going to try to obtain the likeness rights of the actors that were in mini-series?

Christopher: Yeah, it would be nice because I like the consistency.

Laura: Yeah, but that’s something that’s still being worked out.

How often will you change motel men?

Christopher: The next protagonist will probably be in two or three [trade paperbacks - 8-12 issues].

Laura: Yeah, It’ll take that long to tell his story.

If you’re going to introduce a new motel man, how are you going to bring his character into The Lost Room universe and inform him of all the “rules?” You obviously can’t retell the same story that we saw in the mini-series.

Laura: That’s a question that we’ve discussed.

Christopher: Especially with the comic-book, you have to reset it for people who never saw the mini-series – we want them to be able to pick it up and understand it. Of course, we want [new readers] to go back and watch the mini-series, but at the same time – for those that are already up on the rules - you don’t want to bore them.

We don’t want to reveal it, but we have a fun way…

Laura: We have a really cool way to reset the story and explain the rules to everybody that shouldn’t be boring. It’s something the [people who’ve seen the mini-series] haven’t seen before.

Even though Kroitzfeld disappears into the motel room at the end of the mini-series, is there any chance that we will be seeing him again in the comic?

Christopher: We may actually see him again – in a way.

Laura: Yeah, in a different way than we knew him in the miniseries.

Since Joe killed the original Occupant in the room, that means that there’s a dead body hanging around one of the versions of the motel room. Will you touch upon that in the comic book?

Christopher: In a way, yeah – we were actually talking about that. I’d say that once the Occupant is dead that he’s not actually important anymore, in that way.

Interview With 'The Lost Room' Creators Christopher Leone & Laura Harcom

Was there ever a thought about dedicating a series of the comic to show the origin of "the event" and the story of the original occupant?

Christopher: There is actually a little jump back in time in one of the comic books, but I like keeping it in the present. In the mini-series when they find out about room 9 and what happened to the collectors – you’re discovering the history in the ongoing story, which I really like.

I like that we started the story forty years in – we didn’t start with “the event,” there’s this whole history. There’s cabal wars that came and went, there’s cabals that exist that we haven’t even seen yet. So, the fact that you’re in the middle of that, as you go on you can discovery certain history.

Laura: Yeah, elements of [the history]. Unless we’re fortunate enough for the comic to run fifty to sixty issues, I don’t think that we’ll devote an entire trade to the history, but all through-out there will be elements of the history revealed in the same ways that it was in the mini-series.

Christopher: Going back to your question earlier. If we get to explain all of the logic on all the rules then you will learn more about “the event.”

Laura: Yeah, that’s kind of part and parcel for explaining "the event."

How many issues are you planning for The Lost Room: Season 2?

Laura: We’re thinking four [issues for the first trade paperback, 16 or 20 issues in total for Season 2 - as long as the sales support it].

How far are you into writing the comic book?

Christopher: Early stages – first book, basically. These are all stories that we’ve had in mind for a while, so it’s not like we had to sit down and…

Laura: It’s not like we had to sit down and say, “Oh, what happens in issue number two?”

Christopher: Yeah, exactly! We have so many ideas that it’s kind of like, “What do we do first?” In an ongoing series, you inter-cut things a lot more, you might inter-mingle [ideas]. I think that in a comic book - especially when we’re going to do the first trade and see how that goes – it’s more of a self contained story, at first.

How soon can we expect to see the first issue of The Lost Room: Season 2?

Christopher: We’re looking at 2011, by the time it comes out.

In total, our interview ran 30-minutes and I can’t thank Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom enough for placating me and my incessant fanboy-esque questions. Out of the 50 interviews that I had scheduled during the course of Comic-Con (next time, perhaps I should cut that number down a little), this was my favorite and easily the most captivating.

For fans of the series, the news of The Lost Room returning as a comic book is more than anyone could have hoped for. In the world of television, once a show is dead, it stays that way - completely. Thankfully, their experience writing the comic book We Kill Monsters with Red 5 Comics has given them a way to continue the wonderful universe they created so many years ago.


To learn more about their current comic book, We Kill Monsters, check out WeKillMonsters.comTo purchase The Lost Room on DVD, head over to

You can expect to see The Lost Room: Season 2 released in 2011 from Red 5 Comics

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