Comic-Con: Exclusive Interview With 'The Lost Room' Creators

Was the decision based solely on ratings?

Laura: Yeah, because creatively [Sci-Fi] and [Lionsgate] were behind it. So, it just didn’t get the numbers that they needed to justify the budget of the show.

Interview With ‘The Lost Room’ Creators Christopher Leone & Laura Harcom

In the mini-series, “the event” that created the room was speculated, but never fully revealed. While writing the story, did you have in mind what “the event” is?

Christopher: The short answer is yes, but usually things like that you don’t find in the beginning. You don’t say, “What if this happened.” You think of the objects first and then work your way backwards.

Laura: Given these rules, given these objects, how does it all deduct into [the event].

Will you ever just come out and reveal what “the event” is?

Christopher: Yes and no. All the logic, the reasoning, what the objects are – you will understand what the objects are and what their functions are [as the comic book progresses], but I think the show in the weird way is about if the universe is broken over here, what is the universe and how does it work. So, a lot of those answers I think are unanswerable in a weird way – you’d have your own answer.

People will ask is, “Do you have the answer?” Actually, the answer is too simple. The answer kind of sounds [simplistic] like [in movies, when they say], “It’s aliens – aliens did it and that’s it.” It’s much more like the logic of it is all worked out. It’s a really rule based show and we understand the logic of it. I think – especially when people buy the comic book – that the longer we go on, that logic will be explained.

But, even the logic leaves room for interpretation in the sense that everyone has a different interpretation of the universe – if you believe in God, you interpret the universe one way, if you don’t believe in God you interpret it in a completely different way. Knowing the rules of the show, [each person] would interpret the rules differently.

It’s not a simple answer. If I just told you, it wouldn’t make sense – we’d actually have to talk about it for a while.

Laura: In the same way that The Order and The Legion have opposing view points about what the objects represents – what they are – the explanation of “the event” could be interpreted differently based on the way they view the world.

It’s more our theory about how the universe works and, therefore, this is what created the event.

How many objects are there in the motel room?

Christopher: It’s over a hundred, but probably in the hundred range – give or take. I wouldn’t say that we know every single object. In a lot of ways – creatively – it’s not as fun for me, because I like that I can still make up a new object… but we know A LOT of them.

Laura: We’re definitely introducing [objects] in the comic that were not seen in the mini series.

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Was there a big difference between what you wrote in the script and what made it into the mini-series?

Laura: It was really pretty close. Some things had to be changed for budgetary reasons.

Christopher: All the rules, all the conceptual stuff is there. I think the big one was that [The Lost Room] was originally going to be eight hours. There’s actually two hours that got cut before we started shooting.

I don’t actually miss the later hour, but there’s an hour in the middle – a fourth hour – that’s all about finding the motel. That was a really cool episode.

Laura: Yeah, a whole hour to that and to Jennifer’s story.

Christopher: Once we had to cut it down plot wise, it was easy to lose. Character wise, it hurt, but plot wise it was easy because it was easy to just have Wally show him where the motel was.

I think the great thing about the mini-series is that the cast was phenomenal and we completely scored on everybody.

- Yeah, almost everyone is now on a hit television show.

Christopher: Right! [Peter] Krause had just come off of Six Feet Under and that was a coup, I think. Julianna [Margulies] is obviously huge, Kevin Pollack, Roger Bart – all of those guys.

- ..and Peter Jacobson was perfect as Wally.

Laura: Yeah!

Christopher: And he was the hardest one to cast too because it’s such a weird part.

Laura: He nailed it!

Christopher: He was everything we dreamed of.

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