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So for the PG-13 action crowd, The Losers is the film that is kicking off the pre-summer movie season. Yes, we had Kick-Ass, but its R-rated graphic violence and language kept a lot of people away. The question is, does this film do the job it sets out to do?

Kind of.

The Losers is based on a DC comic book series that I've never read, so I don't know if it adheres closely to the source material or deviates a little or a lot. From everything I've seen in the trailers and clips, the film struck me as another riff on The A-Team (movie version opening this summer). Still, who doesn't like the story of a bunch of hard-nosed special ops guys with hearts of gold who are wronged by someone in the government and have to restore their good names (did I mention this reminded me of The A-Team?).

As the film opens we're introduced to our hardy band of tough guys. They're SO tough that when they play cards instead of betting money they bet loaded guns and knives. The card game is meant to introduce us to the individuals in the team, but right from the start it seems forced. I was reminded of the opening scene of Eagle Eye (not a great film by any means) where we are introduced to Shia Lebeouf's character - by the end of that very short scene we not only have an excellent sense of exactly who he is, but he also seems like a real person. Here, everyone feels like cardboard cutouts instead of real, live flesh and blood characters. More like caricatures.

But I digress.

They're in Bolivia and are "painting" a target so that a jet can come in and bomb it to smithereens. It seems that a big drug grower/dealer lives there - problem is, after their leader Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) gives the green light, a truckload of children arrive on the scene (they're being used as "mules" to transport the drugs). Clay tries to call off the bombing, but a mysterious "Max" (Jason Patric) is on the radio and overrules Clay. The Losers are black ops guys with a heart of gold, so they attack the camp themselves in order to free the children.

In the end things go horribly wrong, The Losers are presumed dead and they settle in for a low-key life in Bolivia. Of course Clay wants to track down and kill Max, and along comes Aisha (Zoe Saldana, looking very hot in this flick) with a proposition for Clay that will help him get back to the States and get justice (or revenge, if you rather).

Our Rating:

3 out of 5 (Good)
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