'The Lone Ranger' Snags Screenwriter

The last we heard about the upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer produced big-screen version of The Lone Ranger, we learned that Prince of Persia director Mike Newell may be the one to direct it, although Bruckheimer soon admitted that Newell's busy with Persia (although that's already completed so Newell may now be able to come aboard this Lone Ranger).

The only real solid piece of news we've had about this Lone Ranger project is that Johnny Depp is going to be starring as Tonto, the Lone Ranger's sidekick (for lack of a better word). There's been no official word on who will play the Ranger but names like George Clooney and even Nicolas Cage have been thrown around at different stages.

Now, in the first update since Depp's casting as Tonto, comes the news that a screenwriter has been found to write The Lone Ranger in the form of Justin Haythe. Haythe was responsible for the wonderful big-screen adaptation of Revolutionary Road starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio (I personally thought DiCaprio's performance was one of the most overlooked of last year). Haythe also wrote 2004s The Clearing and has a project called Jekyll in the works over at Universal.

Haythe is currently in negotiation to write the Lone Ranger script, and I'd like to see him get the gig not just because of his talent but also because I like him as an "out of the box" choice in writers. I expected one of the writers of the Pirates of the Caribbeans franchise to be the one to write Lone Ranger, considering that Bruckheimer also produced those (and not to mention they starred Depp).

In fact, we heard at one point that Pirates screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott were maybe going to write The Lone Ranger but that's not the case anymore with Haythe's attachment.

The Lone Ranger originated as a radio show in the 1930s and has appeared in many-a-film and TV series including a 1949 series starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, a 1956 Warner Bros. feature (again starring Moore and Silverheels) and a 2003 telefilm starring Chad Michael Murray and Nathaniel Arcand.

With Bruckheimer producing and Depp starring in one of the key roles, I have confidence this is going to be a pretty big deal and that it will draw audiences.

What do you think of Haythe writing The Lone Ranger? Who would you like to see cast as the titular character?

More on The Lone Ranger - including the all-important casting of the lead character himself - when the news comes out.

Source: THR (Heat Vision Blog)

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