20She Is A Demigod

Zelda isn't exactly your normal, everyday Hylian, and that's not just because she's a princess who seems to constantly find her way into trouble. The character is actually, in more words or less, a demigod. This goes back to the early timelines of the video game series, where it was

established that Zelda is a descendant of the Goddess Hylia. In other words, she's essentially a demigod.

Like many of her female ancestors before her, Zelda is the crown princess not by chance, but precisely because she carries the divine blood of the goddess. She is also named after her, as Hylia was (by her own volition) reborn as a mortal and took the name Zelda. Ever since, the Royal Family of Hyrule has had a habit of naming their daughters Zelda. It makes us wonder just how much pressure there must be when you're a young Hyrulian princess with this name!

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