The Leftovers: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

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Despite having had its grand finale in June of 2017, The Leftovers left a big impression on fans. The scintillating series aired for a full three action-packed years, from June 29 of 2014 and during this time included many intriguing, suspense-filled narratives.

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These were centred around police chief Kevin Garvey and his family, and their struggles to adapt to life after The Departure. Problem is, some of these storylines were never quite resolved. Here are just 10 storylines from The Leftovers which were never fully resolved before the series' grand finale in June 2017:

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10 Remaining questions over the series' main theme

The Leftovers is a fascinating glimpse into what it might be like for those ‘left over’ after the occurrence of the Biblical rapture. In the story, on October 14, 2011, 140 million people vanish into thin air. This is a full two percent of the world's population. No one can say where they have gone to. Have they gone to Heaven, or is there a special place reserved for ‘The Departed’? And what about ‘The Guilty Remnant’? What will ultimately become of them? While Scripture offers an answer to this, such an answer is never fully presented in bold technicolor.

9 What is Kevin's resurrection secret?

The character of Kevin appears to be completely resilient to everything set against him. Viewers of the series are never given a clear answer or resolution as to how it is that Kevin keeps resurrecting back to life. Can his resurrections be explained away by science?

Did he really survive all those multiple drownings? Did John's bullet miss his vitals? Scriptwriters never fully resolve the issue of this miraculous feat of coming back to life again, and again, and again... is it that he is just incapable of dying?

8 Questions over Mapletown

At the series’ conclusion, many viewers were left wondering what really became of all of the residents of Mapletown, New York. The show made a shift from Mapletown to Jarden but viewers were left with big questions. What happened to Lucy Warburton and did she ever find out the secrets of Kevin Garvey?

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Then there is Aimee. What happened to her after the series shifted its focus to Jarden. Also, the Frost twins. These storylines never seemed fully resolved and fans are probably still wondering...

7 The future of Kevin and Nora

The series ended with things looking good between Kevin and Nora. However, if past behavior is a predictor of future behavior, then things aren't looking as good as might seem for the couple into the future, as both don't have the greatest track record of sticking together (or to anyone else, for that matter) for too long.

They entered their relationship with lots of baggage and grief and if they are to make it, this will mean overcoming quite a lot. Their story remains unresolved with the series' end.

6 What happened to the guilty remnant?

The series' conclusion doesn't answer what happened to the Guilty Remnant after the drone attack which caused a shaking explosion. We know that at the end, Evie was standing outside the building after the drone attack and that she might have somehow survived, but it is hard to say.

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What can be concluded is that it definitely wasn’t a gas explosion. For one thing, there were visible drones, and for another, Meg was seen smoking- and if it was gas, the cigarette would have ignited it.

5 What did Nora shout out?

As the waters of the LADR Device rose over Nora's head in the series finale, she shouted something out. Fans of the show will never know what. More than likely, viewers were made to believe her words were something along the lines of, 'Stop!' but later she revealed she actually did go through, making it unlikely she shouted out 'Stop!'. This narrative was never fully explained and many fans still wonder what exactly transpired in the waters.

4 Who is the tiger?

Faithful viewers of the show The Leftovers are never completely let in on who exactly the tiger is in the Siegfried and Roy analogy. There are bound to be many questions around this. Was this analogy linked to Meg and to the Guilty Remnant? This seems plausible. They are surely the ones who betrayed Evie? Or does the 'tiger' refer to the government, whose agents drone attacked the building. Fans might not be quite sure of this or even around the motives behind the drone attack.

3 The identity of Sarah

Who is Sarah? Some fans believe her to be a counterpart or alternate identity of Nora. Could this really be true? There are many indications of this and what’s more, the intricate, complex storyline lends itself to countless possibilities. Even the name Sarah seems to have some Biblical significance, with Sarah being the mother of the patriarchs and children of the covenant of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel who is the author and initiator of the Rapture around which the series revolves.

2 The Great Flood

Remember Kevin's father, as he sat on the roof of a house, waiting for a flood which never arrived? Viewers probably remember him sitting with his son, asking in all sincerity, "What now?" when the Great Flood he anticipated did not come. There was never any clear resolution to this storyline and fans are left wondering whether he was able to recover from his ordeal and find refuge from what seemed to be voices speaking to him in his head. The non-existent apocalypse he anticipated never arrived but did he manage to put his life back together, accepting it could be a beginning for him and not the end.

1 Laurie's will to live

Fans might have been left wondering about Laurie and her intended suicide. It is related to viewers that she never killed herself, however, questions remain as to what really transpired on the diving expedition during which she had intended to take her own life. What caused her to change her mind? Was it her children calling her which tweaked her conscience and awoke her to the dreadful reality which would ensue should she end her life? This was never fully resolved during the series.

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