The Leftovers Season 3 Will Move to Australia

Kevin Carroll and Justin Theroux in The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 10

For season 2, HBO's The Leftovers gave itself something of a makeover, answering some of the criticisms leveled against the series during its sometimes-divisive and admittedly gloomy first season. Those alterations weren't just cosmetic, though, as initially indicated by the far less ominous and grandiose opening credit sequence that swapped out a biblical tableau for the jaunty – and somehow more haunting – bluegrass tune 'Let the Mystery Be' by Iris DeMent. In fact, the show did a nearly top-down alteration of its approach to the very somber story of a world where two percent of the population disappeared in an instant and without explanation. The result was a riveting sort-of reinvention of the series, one that landed on several best of lists for 2015 (including Screen Rant's), and left series co-creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta facing a decision of whether or not they needed to tell more of the story, given how season 2 ended on such a satisfying note.

Thankfully, for fans of the show (and for HBO, really), Lindelof and Perrotta had more of their story to tell, albeit one that would see the series end with season 3. The news was bittersweet for most fans; while they would at least get one more season with the Garvey-Durst clan, and hopefully with their neighbors in the series' new setting of Miracle, TX, the Murphys (headed up by Emmy-winner Regina King and Kevin Carroll), it's always difficult to say goodbye, especially when the show in question delivers a season that crosses over into greatness, like season 2 did.

But given how the second season concluded and how unlikely it seemed (given previous statements from Lindelof) that answers to the Departure would be provided, the natural question of "How is this going to end?" was probably the first for many a Leftovers fan. While there hasn't been anything in the way of details from Camp Lindelof as of late, THR reports that The Leftovers season 3 will undergo another change of setting to bring its story to a close.

Regina King The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 10

That change of setting won't come as much of a surprise for those who were interested in the side story of Kevin Garvey Sr. (Scott Glenn). The elder Garvey made his way to Australia and appeared only a handful of times – most notably on a hotel television during his son's trip to the underworld in 'International Assassin' – but although his storyline was mostly off screen, his presence, along with a few subtle mentions of the apparently strange goings-on in a land down under, found their way into the periphery of the main storyline. And that appears to have been just one of many references to the show's future location made during the course of the season.

According to THR, the production of the series will still begin in Austin – where it shot season 2 – but will eventually move to Australia. That means there will likely be some time spent dealing with the ramifications of the Guilty Remnant's attack on Miracle, and perhaps an exploration of the fallout to the events that occurred in the season finale – which, as many will recall, ended with the town previously untouched by the Departure being torn apart in a biblical bacchanal by those who had been denied entry into the supposedly sacred place.

Just how many episodes will take place in Australia is unknown, nor has there been any indication of when production on season 3 will begin, let alone its anticipated premiere date. Given the implications of what's going on down under – a radio report stated a man thought to have been dead emerged from a cave very much alive – the amount of time spent in Australia will dramatically alter the storytelling landscape in much the same way the shift away from Mapleton, NY did for season 2. Whatever is going on, then, perhaps it will bring some sense of closure to the Garvey-Dursts and (hopefully) the Murphys, as they figure out how to live without answers to such an enormous question.


The Leftovers season 3 will air on HBO.

Source: THR

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