'The League' Renewed for 7th (and Final) Season on FXX

The League Season 7 FXX

Since the creation of FXX, the only true hits for the FX spinoff network (in terms of fandom) have come in the form of mothership imports It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League. And now it appears that one of them is about to come to an end.

In an announcement made this afternoon, FXX reveled it’s renewed The League for a seventh and final season consisting of thirteen episodes.

Said series co-creator Jeff Schaffer:

We are incredibly excited to work with our amazing cast for another season, especially because I can now announce that I finally won the fantasy football league that we play in with them.

To which his wife and fellow co-creator Jackie Schaffer added:

Whatever, I’ve won it twice. Most players in the NFL don't make it seven seasons, and most TV shows even less so. We want to thank FX Networks and all our Eskimo Brothers and Sisters - NFL teams would be lucky to have fans as diehard as ours.

Based on the quotes, it appears the writing duo is taking their conclusion in stride; however, the announcement comes as no surprise considering the series’ low ratings were never going to be sustainable forever, even if the show is one of the cheapest on television to produce.

One of the first things FXX noticed about The League’s ratings when it shifted networks was its lack of number drops in the key demo. While there were expected low scores in overall viewership, it seemed most younger fans traveled with the series on its move, and it’s most likely this revelation that’s allowed the show to last as long as it has. Truthfully, the numbers say it should have been concluded seasons ago, but there’s something to be said for audience loyalty.

Andre pete and taco League Season 7

As for what we can expect from the final season, it’s anyone’s guess, but it won’t be surprising to see the crassness level raised to a point few will ever be able to compete with again. From the EBDB, to Jenny’s adventures with dogs and breast cancer, The League is nothing if not a show that’s willing to "go there.” But, whether or not they’ll be able to come back from where they go in order to properly close out the adventures of Pete, Kevin and the rest of the gang is something we’ll just have to wait and see. But man is it going to be one hell of a ride.

The League returns in fall 2015 to FXX.

Source: FXX


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