10 Most Vicious Fighters On The Last Kingdom, Ranked

The Last Kingdom is a historical fiction set in late ninth century England. It is based off the book series, The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. It chronicles the beginnings of the unification of England and King Alfred in his quest to do so. The story follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg, born a Saxon but raised by Danes, on his quest to regain what was taken from him. His journey tests his loyalties on both sides.

During the battles between the Saxons and the Danes, there are capable warriors in both tribes, with both having especially vicious fighters even by their standards. Here is a list of the most vicious fighters on the show from brutal to savage.

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10 Hild

She is a nun in Wessex. After being rescued by Iseult, Uhtred, and Leofric she joins them on their journey. Her faith is important to her, but she believes in the importance of combat skills. She asks to be taught in the way of the sword and becomes a skilled swordswoman.

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In her time on the battlefield, she is fearless and defends her group. She doesn’t shy away from violence when it is necessary and has a very objective view of it, engaging in acts that even her compatriots found to be unpleasant. During her time as a warrior, she is faithful and efficient.

9 Father Pyrlig

He is a former Briton warrior. After leaving his previous life as a skilled soldier, he joined the church and became a priest. Prior to this, he spent his military life killing Saxons. He still remembers and sometimes craves the indulgences of his warrior days.

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There is a noticeable difference between him and the other priests in the show. This is often highlighted by his crassness and blunt language. He does not mince words and is impertinent to those that he does not deem worthy of his respect. He does not fear death but will fight to preserve his life.

8 Clapa The Bear

He is a large Dane that joins Uhtred and his men. He is skilled in fighting with a battle-ax and his brute strength. His large size makes him all the more intimidating on the battlefield. In combat, he is aggressive and uses his size to overwhelm his opponents. He is fiercely loyal to Uhtred and his comrades. His loyalty coupled with his ferocity makes his presence even more frightening.

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He takes pleasure in fighting and makes sure to take advantage of the killing and maiming in every available instance. Even when he is not on the battlefield, he regularly engages in unarmed combat for sport.

7 Finan

He is an Irish warrior. Prior to joining Uhtred’s band of warriors, he was a slave. He and Uhtred bond over their former lives of standing and honor and their desire to be free and seek vengeance on those who have done them wrong. Upon regaining his freedom, he became Uhtred’s right-hand man. He is extremely skilled in sword fighting.

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He has a quick wit and is often the comic relief in any given situation, even on the battlefield. Despite this, once engaged in combat, he is stern and dangerous. His allegiance is to Uhtred first; and whomever Uhtred follows, second. He enjoys being in combat and relishes in vanquishing his enemies.

6 Brida

Brida has a similar background to Uhtred; she was born a Saxon but raised a Dane. Unlike Uhtred, however, her loyalties are not strained or wavering in the least. She identifies as a Dane through and through.

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Aside from preferring the Dane customs and outlook, as a Dane, regardless of her gender she is allowed more autonomy and her opinions hold more weight. In her time with the Saxons, their blatant disrespect to not only her but to the women that she observed only solidified her preference for Danes and her disdain for the Saxons.

In addition to being treated as an equal on an intellectual level, she was also trained in combat. She is skilled at wielding an axe. She has no qualms about fighting and killing. She sees no reason to feel remorse for her enemies and this trait in addition to her temper makes her more deadly than she may be given credit for by the opposing side until it is too late.

5 Leofric

He serves King Alfred, under Odda the Elder and his son Odda the Younger. He has distinguished himself as a strong fighter. His loyalty further fuels his ferocity. He sees himself as a Saxon to the core and his loyalty lies with Wessex. As he continues to befriend Uhtred and their friendship deepens, he begins to see some of the allure in the Viking ways.

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Under his very coarse exterior, he is very fair and deeply dislikes injustice, disapproving of it when he spots it. The restrictions of English society and machinations of the English court disillusion him slightly and he does see some benefit to being a freer warrior as opposed to being someone’s soldier.

4 Sigefrid

He and his brother, Erik, are Lords of War. While Erik, is the strategist that thinks through things and is calm and levelheaded, Sigefrid is the opposite. He possesses a very short temper and due to his recklessness has no issue with going into battle without a proper plan.

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When he fights it is with no restraint. Even what would be a debilitating and career-ending injury to most does not stop him from continuing his life as a warlord. His end goal is of the utmost importance and if need be he will go against and betray even those he loves the most to ensure that he can continue to rampage, ransack, and conquer all of England.

3 Uhtred

Despite Uhtred’s earlier exposure to Saxon ideals, his formative years were spent learning the ways of the Vikings. He is an expert swordsman and has killed many on and off the battlefield. In addition to being a fierce warrior, he is an apt strategist, which makes for a deadly combination.

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Despite being in the service of King Alfred, he still experiences discrimination due to being viewed as a pagan. The reality of this internal and external conflict oftentimes fuels his anger, causing him to lose his cool in less than opportune times. His negative experiences have continued to harden his heart and have made him even more of a ferocious warrior.

2 Ubba

Known among the Danes as one of the most ruthless, he has dealings with many leaders in Saxon nobility and holds several of them under his thumb. He is very critical of Christianity and the Saxon ways in general. He also has sadistic tendencies.

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He enjoys torturing the Saxons that he has conquered and reveled in making them question their faith in their final moments, usually by ordering them to die the same ways their revered saints did. Although dismissive of Christianity, he is very devout in the “old ways” and is reliant on his seer, Storri, trusting in omens and signs over logic and strategy making his decisions more vicious as well unpredictable.

1 Skorpa Of The White Horse

His reputation precedes him. He is one of the most feared fighters, even among the Danes. He is a Sword Dane, a Lord of War. His natural state conveys a clear murderous intent, amplified by his red paint around his mouth and teeth and ever-present smile, giving a monstrous and cannibalistic impression.

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He is vicious and has no loyalties to Saxon or Dane alike. His sole allegiance is to his coffers. Although he forges alliances with both Saxons and Danes, he will just as quickly betray those ties for silver and riches. He is always eager for an opportunity to kill and plunder.

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