The Last Airbender Trailer Delayed

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M. Night Shyamalan's adaptation of the hit cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my most anticipated films of 2010. The film, titled The Last Airbender to avoid confusion with a certain other movie coming out in two weeks, premiered a teaser trailer this summer but we've not seen anything major since.

The Last Airbender marks not only the largest-scale production for writer/director Shyamalan, but the first time he steps out from his trend of original work to direct an adaptation of an established and popular franchise. I for one, think this is fantastic for fans of the series and moviegoers alike.

In August, we heard from producer Frank Marshall that they were working on a trailer for Christmas, likely to be attached to Avatar or Sherlock Holmes but now comes news that it won't be happening.

On Twitter (again), Marshall updated eager fans with the following tweet:

"Not enough ILM shots finished, so LAST AIRBENDER trailer will not debut until Feb..."

I'm disappointed to hear this but would rather wait for the finished product, not some rushed work. I was a big fan of the series and watched all three books (seasons) back-to-back last summer as the show came to its conclusion after telling a complete and perfectly structured story. It's something I highly recommend for all ages.

While I'm a fan of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs and The Village, M. Night's series of films have been on a downward spiral since his early work and his last two films were simply not good. With The Last Airbender set to start a trilogy and all things pointing up (despite some casting controversy earlier in production), I believe this is the career changing film for the director and I have high hopes for it.

Is this movie on your list of movies to see next year or do you need to see more before deciding?

The Last Airbender blows into theaters July 2, 2010 and I'll be there.

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