'Last Airbender' Hi-Res Image Gallery (Featuring Appa!)

As the release date for M. Night Shyamalan's adaptation of The Last Airbender approaches, Paramount is entering the final phase of its promotional campaign by releasing a whole host of TV spots, and today, hi-res images from the film.

There's a lot of anticipation for The Last Airbender (especially amongst fans of the Nickelodeon cartoon upon which the movie is based). However, along with that anticipation comes a lot of trepidation, as M. Night Shyamalan's track record as a filmmaker has had more blemishes than successes as of late (see: The Happening - or rather, don't).

Airbender fans have been nitpicking at this film during its entire production, and the current consensus is that the film looks like a triumph in terms of visual splendor (Paramount has exploited that buzz by converting the film into 3D). However, there is wide-spread speculation that the dramatic acting of Airbender's young leads seems to be flat and hollow - especially that of star Noah Ringer, who plays Aang, the titular Last Airbender. (I won't even get into the controversy over the cast's lack of Asian actors. We'll keep the lid on that can of worms!)

Well, images can't inform you about acting quality - but they sure can look pretty! Also included in the gallery are some great looks at Appa the Sky Bison, who is a fan-favorite of the series. Check out our gallery of pics from The Last Airbender and then tell us if you think they're enough to sell you on this film:

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

What do you think - do the visuals of the film look good enough to get you in the theater? Are you happy with the way Appa turned out (and have you seen Momo yet)? Are you worried about the story and/or acting in the film? Do you have confidence that Shyamalan has done well with this property?

All these questions will inevitably be answered when The Last Airbender blows into theaters (3D and 2D) on July 1st.

Source: Paramount

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