Four New 'Last Airbender' Nation Clips

The Last Airbender

If the MTV Movie Awards clip from The Last Airbender only left you wanting more,  I've got good news. One of our readers, coolmartfloyd, sent along four brand new clips that give a detailed look at some of the epic settings featured in the film.

The clips are unconventional, each highlighting a different location - showing it off with uninterrupted wide shots set to some pretty amazing music. If you weren't already convinced, these videos solidify just how epic The Last Airbender's scope is.

Take a look at the videos after the jump:

[Sorry, videos remove by studio request]

Ladies and Gentleman it's official- between the Japanese trailer, the awesome international posters, and the recent TV spots I am undeniably impressed. I'm not a huge fan of Shyamalan's other films but even I have to admit that The Last Airbender is looking pretty sharp.

I'm curious what fans of the cartoon think of the film - since I'm not terribly familiar with the source material or how closely the movie is sticking to it.

The Last Airbender Fire Nation

The new clips are a great way to build excitement for The Last Airbender without giving too much away. I'm really loving "The Fire Nation" in particular - probably because of the music.

The film's July 1st  release date is almost upon us and I'm shocked to say that I can't wait.

What do you think of the clips? Do you like the way The Last Airbender is shaping up or do you still have some reservations? Sound off below.

The Last Airbender will be released in theaters on July 1st.

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