When Will AMC Renew ‘The Killing’ for Season 2?

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A success both in terms of ratings and critical praise, the hit AMC murder mystery The Killing seemed like a slam dunk to receive an early greenlight for a second season.

However, with just a handful of episodes left in season 1, there has been no official word from the network regarding its continuation into season 2 or beyond.

Unlike last year’s fantastically complex, but largely unwatched drama Rubicon, The Killing has been able to maintain a steady audience and tell a linear story that is chock full of complex characters. Rubicon unfortunately went down as the first series AMC couldn’t turn into a hit with viewers, and it was subsequently dismissed. With no word yet on the future of The Killing, does that mean the rain soaked whodunit is in for a similar fate?

Speculation seems to be falling, not on the performance of the show itself, but more along the lines of how to follow up on the storyline of ‘who killed Rosie Larsen?’ Two possible scenarios have popped up: 1) The murder investigation of Rosie Larsen will continue, or (at the very least) certain plot threads will transfer into the second season. 2) Detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) will find herself investigating similar crimes in a different locale – Sonoma, perhaps?

Whatever the decision, it is worth noting that the original Danish series Forbrydelsen has continued on in two additional series: Forbrydelsen II & Forbrydelsen III (due in 2012), so the suggestion that The Killing was, fundamentally, a one-and-done type of occurrence can be dismissed. Besides, if Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that one good turn definitely deserves another (and another, and another).

Series star Mireille Enos doesn’t seem too worried about whether she’ll be reprising her role as the smile-phobic detective Sarah Linden in future installments of the series. Echoing comments made by executive producer Veena Sud (Cold Case), the storyline of The Killing has a future beyond season 1.

“I haven’t heard anything one way or the other. I know Veena has several seasons mapped out in her mind, but she hasn’t let us know anything yet.”

Though she hasn’t worked with AMC long, the actress is quick to point out that the lack of an official announcement (this late in the season) is typical for the network.

“Historically, AMC is slow about making those decisions, but everything is pointing in the direction [of a renewal]. And I know that they’ve been very pleased with the response. [Regardless] we’re all just so grateful, because we felt that we were part of something really special, and then to have the response come back and confirm that is really gratifying. And it encourages us that there may be the possibility to keep telling this story if there’s a second season.”

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The Killing has been a solid performer for AMC, with its ratings, on average, matching those of Mad Men – the series that made the network what it is today. However, given the rigmarole Matthew Weiner and Co. went through recently, the lack of an announcement could actually be a sign things are going well.

There is no good reason The Killing has not  received (or will not receive) a second season renewal. While there is plenty of speculation to go around, the simple fact is that the network likely wants to let the first season’s storyline play out and reach its climax (which has been teased since the first promos hit the air last year) before announcing any sort of continuation.

At this point, it would be shocking if the series didn't continue. The show has been far too big a success for the network to close the door on future seasons of The Killing.


The Killing airs Sunday nights @10pm on AMC.

Source: TV Line

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