‘The Killing’ Holds on to Viewers in Second Week

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Suffice to say, viewers have been drawn into the mystery of who killed Rosie Larson. Viewership for The Killing was nearly as strong in the second week as it was for the two-hour premiere.

As if nabbing the second-highest ratings in AMC network history wasn’t impressive enough (just behind The Walking Dead), the new crime-drama managed only a slight dip in ratings for its second week. The April 10 episode of The Killing lost only a fraction of its audience – down from 2.7 million viewers to 2.6 million at its initial 10 pm time-slot. If one were to add in the subsequent airing at 11 pm and 1 am, the total viewership for episode two comes in at around 4 million.

In conjunction with the overwhelmingly positive reviews the series has thus far acquired, it may be safe to say that AMC has another hit on its hands. That is quite a feat, considering that the dour subject matter (and even more dour weather) of the series isn’t something audiences typically flock toward on a Sunday evening.

Nevertheless, The Killing has certainly managed to ensnare viewers, but how does it intend to maintain them? In order to keep the audience it has built, the show will need more than the top-notch acting and writing it has displayed. As evidenced by some of the promotional material (and series tagline), the real hook AMC is counting on will be the viewer’s inescapable need to uncover the mystery surrounding not only the program’s central murder, but also all of the secondary mysteries that have sprung up amongst the large cast of characters.

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In a press release, AMC announced that it is offering everyone an opportunity to view the first three episodes as many times as they wish, and without commercial interruption, online. For those of you who haven’t yet watched, or if you would like another opportunity, you can check each episode out here – and grab a sneak peek at next week’s installment.

At three episodes and counting, I’m sure many of the millions of viewers already have their favorites suspects pegged, but with ten episodes left, there’s plenty of time to change your mind.

The Killing airs Sunday nights at 10 pm on AMC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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