'The Killing' Renewed For Season 2; AMC Releases Season 1 Finale Preview

the killing renewed season 2 amc

The murder-mystery The Killing will continue for at least another year on AMC. The announcement came just days before the season finale this Sunday, after months of speculation about the show's future.

The Killing has maintained an unexpectedly strong following, with the last two episodes reaching two million viewers each - almost as much as the average episode of AMC's breakout series Mad Men, but far less than blockbuster The Walking Dead. The series has also made strong critical waves, and is almost certain to get a few Emmy nominations later this year.

The central murder on the show has yet to be solved, and with just one episode left it's unclear as to whether the producers intend to wrap up the Rosie Larson case this year, or leave audiences with a cliffhanger. Forbrydelsen, The Killing's Danish progenitor, spanned 20 one-hour episodes to cover the same rough story - seven more than the first season of the U.S. version.

Headline actress Mirielle Enos was mum on the subject when speaking to a reporter.

"I haven’t heard anything one way or the other. I know [executive producer] Veena [Sud] has several seasons mapped out in her mind, but she hasn’t let us know anything yet."

Of course, the strength of The Killing is more in the solid acting and character development than the actual mystery. Speaking of which, you can catch a sneak peak of Brent Sexton in a preview of Episode 13, "Orpheus Descending", below:


There's no news on the length of Season 2 just yet, but given AMC's standard operating procedure, expect around the same 13-episode run. The new season should air in the spring of next year, but considering recent events with the network, that's not an entirely safe bet.


The Season 1 finale of The Killing will air this Sunday at 10PM on AMC.

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