'The Killing' Stars Line Up To Join 'Safe House' & 'World War Z'

AMC's The Killing has been making... well, a killing so far, between its stellar ratings and garnering loads of critical accolades. Now the stars of the show - Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman - look to reap the benefits as well, since the two are  up to join the high-profile pics World War Z and Safe House, respectively.

Enos is currently in talks to costar alongside Brad Pitt in the expensive World War Z adaptation; Kinnaman, meanwhile, is officially onboard for Safe House, a thriller being headlined by Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.

The costly $125 million price tag for World War Z left it in a development stalemate for a good chunk of 2010, and just last month there were concerns that Paramount might pull the plug on the flick altogether. Jump ahead to the present and there are unconfirmed reports that shooting on the post-zombpocalyptic drama could commence this summer, with Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Monster's Ball) in the director's chair.

Both Deadline and Heat Vision are claiming "exclusive" on the news about Enos, who would appear in World War Z as the wife of Brad Pitt's U.N. worker. The latter is responsible for interviewing survivors of the zompocalypse in the film, which will be based on a screenplay penned by sci-fi maestro J. Michael Straczynski (who most recently worked on Thor and Underworld 4) and Matt Carnahan (Dirt).

World War Z movie Paramount Brad Pitt Marc Forster

Despite the increased number of zombie movies currently being developed, World War Z stands out the most to me. Max Brooks' original novel takes an intelligent and grounded approach to the monster mythology, and early reports peg Straczynski & Carnahan's script adaptation as very much doing the same. Forster is also adept at directing personal, character-driven dramas - plus, he should be better at handling the action that WWZ calls for than he was with the last James Bond movie.

I know a lot of fans aren't too eager about the plans for World War Z to be Rated PG-13, but I think it's feasible for the film to achieve that rating by taking an effective (if minimalist) approach to how it portrays the zombie carnage. Also, the zombie war footage will be recounted from the perspective of those that were present - via flashback, essentially - which could add an emotional element to the violence, making it all the more arresting. Here's hoping for the best, in that regard.


Safe House

Filming on Safe House is currently underway in South Africa, and the film - as confirmed by Heat Vision - officially added both Kinnaman and Vera Farmiga to its cast yesterday. Those two will join Washington, Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Robert Patrick, Liam Cummingham, and more in the dramatic thriller from director Daniel Espinosa (who previously worked with Kinnaman on the film Easy Money).

Reynolds and Washington will square off against one another in Safe House, playing a CIA operative and a dangerous criminal, respectively. When the "safe house" where the latter is being held prisoner is attacked, Reynolds' character is the only surviving agent. The two are then forced to work together and make their way to a second "safe house", before they both wind up dead.

With a great cast and a high-stakes plot, Safe  House could potentially make for a very entertaining thrill ride. Best to wait until there's a trailer to say whether or not it looks to deliver on that promise, but again, here's hoping for the best.


Safe House hits theaters on February 10th, 2012.

We'll let you know when World War Z has an official release date.

Source: Deadline, THR

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