'The Killing' Trailer & Images Spin A Tangled Web of Murder

The Killing AMC trailer images

A new 4-minute trailer for AMC's The Killing is out, and if this American import of the Danish show Forbrydelsen ("Crime") isn't on your radar yet, then this trailer should do a good job of putting the premiere date of AMC's latest genre/drama on your calendar.

To sum things up in a nice succinct manner: The Killing is a show that explores the rippling effect that is caused when one human being is murdered by another.

For those who like more in-depth explanations:

The show is a crime procedural presented in a unique format. Each episode will focus on one set of principal characters associated with the murder of teenager Rosie Larsen - including the detectives investigating the case (Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman); the dead girl's parents (Brent Sexton and Michelle Forbes); and a City Council Present with political ambitions (Billy Campbell). As each of these groups get sucked deeper into the mystery of Rosie's death, the effect of one brutal slaying will reach farther and have greater impact than anyone ever expected.

It may sound vague, but thankfully this 4-minute trailer for The Killing does a good job weaving this tangled web together:

In addition to that trailer, here is an image gallery showcasing most of the principal cast (they're familiar faces if not known names). Check them out, courtesy of The Ziedgeist:

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What did you think of the latest trailer - does AMC have another hit on its hands?

The Killing will debut with a 2-hour premiere on AMC Sunday, April 3rd @ 9/8c.

Sources: AMC & The Ziedgeist

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