The Karate Kid Trailer #3

When they announced they were remaking the (classic movie?) The Karate Kid I was, like most of you (I presume), really quite annoyed. Again Hollywood was looking backwards instead of looking forwards and remaking something from decades ago, trying to modernize it for today's audience.

The first trailer for The Karate Kid didn't impress me (the hip-hop music thrown in there I particularly hated) and even though the international trailer was an improvement, it still didn't make me excited for the movie. Sadly, this third theatrical trailer doesn't place it on my most anticipated list, but I have to say it's a vast improvement over the previous trailers.

Check out the new Karate Kid trailer below, thanks to Yahoo:



You can watch the trailer in HD over at Yahoo.

Can someone, anyone, please explain to me why this film isn't called The Kung Fu Kid? They even mention Kung Fu throughout the trailer and yet they still put the title The Karate Kid up at the end...

There was, and still is, some confusion as to whether this film is titled The Kung Fu Kid or The Karate Kid. The last we heard it may be changing back to "Kung Fu" (Jackie Chan suggested it would be called Kung Fu in China and Karate in America) but now this trailer suggests it really is "Karate" after all. I'd like some sort of official announcement telling us which one it is!

Anyway, the title issue aside, as I said this trailer looks a lot better than the previous ones in my opinion, with some genuinely funny moments (for instance, when the kid leans over and says his name to a Chinese man next to him in Chinese and the guy replies, "Dude, I'm from Detroit"). There's also some decent looking action in the film - enough that I'm willing to keep an open mind.

The Karate Kid 2 Dre and Mr. Han

Oh, and Jaden Smith still sucks in the role... Oohh, did I just say that? :P ...

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What do you think of the latest trailer for The Karate Kid? Is it an improvement over the previous two? Like me, are you confused why it's called The Karate Kid?

The Karate Kid hits theaters this summer on June 11th.

Source: Yahoo

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