Exclusive: The Kamandi Challenge Ends Here!

The grand finale of The Kamandi Challenge finally debuts this week and we have an exclusive preview of the conclusion (The Kamandi Challenge #12) by the all-star pairing of Gail Simone and Ryan Sook. The 12-part limited series launched in January and boldly features different creative teams picking up where the previous issue's cliffhanger left off - sort of like the DC Challenge of 1985. It's part of celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jack Kirby's birth.

It's been a wonderful year for fans of the legendary Jack Kirby. From his art and creations paving the way for much of what moviegoers saw this year in Justice League (see: Fourth World), and Thor: Ragnarok being described as a "love letter" to Kirby from its director, to the comics themselves bringing back his ideas. We just ran another exclusive preview a few weeks ago covering the finale of Bug! The Adventures of Forager which honored Jack Kirby as well.

What Is The Kamandi Challenge?

Prepare to take part in one of the greatest adventures from the infinite future of the DC Universe, and join the industry’s top creative teams in a round-robin, no-holds-barred, storytelling extravaganza titled THE KAMANDI CHALLENGE!

Born from the mind of Jack “King” Kirby, the post apocalyptic Earth of Kamandi has been a fan favorite for decades, and now 14 intrepid teams of writers and artists build on this incredible foundation and take the title character on an epic quest to find his long-lost parents and travel to places seen and unseen in the DC Universe.

Each issue will end with an unimaginable cliffhanger, and it’s up to the next creative team to resolve it before creating their own. It’s a challenge worthy of “The King” himself! In this premiere issue, the Last Boy on Earth is dragged from his safe haven by a group of tigers, only to face the nightmarish threat of the ultimate weapon!

The Kamandi Challenge #12 Synopsis and exclusive preview pages. The 40-page issue retails for $4.99 and features art by José Luis García-López, and Ryan Sook; a cover by Frank Miller and variant cover by Ryan Sook and José Luis García-López; and is written by Len Wein and Gail Simone.

After the out-of-this-world end of last issue, fan-favorites Gail Simone and Ryan Sook bring us our hero’s next adventure in the world of the great disaster. With the fate of his parents revealed and one final threat to overcome, can Kamandi figure out a way for animals and humans to peacefully co-exist before their battles for ultimate power result in the destruction of the entire planet? Find out in the stunning conclusion of our tale! Plus, a bonus epilogue from comics legends Len Wein and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Variant Cover
Ryan Sook Variant Cover

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The Kamandi Challenge #12 releases December 27, 2017 from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics

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