The Justice League Is Homeless

Many years ago I had a Hall Of Justice play set, the place where the Justice League would hang out and wait for a disaster to take place, the kind of disaster that could only be solved by DC's finest. Or maybe the X-Men, but that could get complicated, and Stan Lee might want a piece of the back end.

Anyway, I'm glad that I held on to that play set (it's in the attic somewhere), because now it looks like The Justice League film or Justice League Mortal as the working title would have it called is looking for a home... not only a home but a continent!

It would seem that the Justice League is just too American for Australian tax breaks.

Now there's the ultimate super villain: The Tax Man!

Man, if I were George Miller (and I'm not) I'd drop this project ASAP, call Mel Gibson and make Mad Max: Fury Road.

Justice League appears to be a jinxed project. A project that not even comic book fans want!!

Simon Whipp; the director of the equity section of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (I have no idea what this guy does or what his title means) says:

"For the public, both in Australia and outside of Australia, it will be seen as an American film. I have tremendous respect for George and his work, which has been some of the most successful films that we have ever produced. But the studio I think in this instance is seeking to push the limits of the envelope."

One thing is for certain about this Whipp dude: He has cajones the size of mellons if he can knock back a $200 million budgeted film like Justice League just because they speak with American accents.

As a reply to Whipp, Australian-born Miller said:

"A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Australian film industry is being frittered away because of very lazy thinking. If that's going to be the final decision, they're throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars of investment that the rest of the world is competing for and, much more significantly, highly skilled creative jobs."

Miller intends to appeal this decision in the hope that he gets to make the film in his backyard. Well... not really his backyard, but you see what I'm getting at - his home country.

Is it just me or is it more fun reading about the (un)making of this film than it will be watching the final product (if it is ever made)?

Source : The Sydney Morning Herald

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