The Jungle Book Climbs to Over $700 Million Globally

Christopher Walken voices King Louie in The Jungle Book
Christopher Walken voices King Louie in The Jungle Book

It has been almost a month now since Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book was first released around the globe. Like Disney’s Zootopia before it, the film has received high marks both from critics and casual moviegoers - as seen through both films' box-office numbers. It was difficult to forecast just how the two Disney movies would fare ahead of time, given the timing of their theatrical releases and the competition that surrounded them.

Since being released overseas on April 4, The Jungle Book has remained a box-office juggernaut of sorts. It also beat out Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which earned $95 million in its opening weekend, for the second-best April opening ever; though, Furious 7’s $147 million record for April remains a very difficult one for future films to surpass. As of this writing though, The Jungle Book has surpassed the $700 million mark globally, pulling in a total of $708.6 million.

According to Disney, The Jungle Book has made $255.8 million domestically and $452.8 million internationally. The film has remained in the top spot domestically every day since its first day of release, while also becoming the highest-grossing Hollywood film in India, making $34.4 million. The film has remained steady, even in its third weekend at the box office, as it held onto the number-one slot, bringing in another $43.7 million.

Jungle Book

With these impressive numbers, the studio has this to say about its most recent global hit:

"The Jungle Book is currently the #4 film of the year domestically, internationally, and globally and joins Zootopia to become Disney’s second 2016 release to cross the $700M threshold."

The strong April numbers indicate that even pre-summer releases can still garner major box-office numbers, both domestically and internationally. These early numbers seem to be helped by the films receiving no small amount of critical acclaim -- as seen by the early success of Captain America: Civil War and last year's Furious 7. And with a sequel already confirmed for The Jungle Book, it’s apparent the franchise is in a very good place moving forward.

After seeing Zootopia explode to over $700 million at the box office earlier this year, watching as Favreau’s latest film follow suit should come as less surprise. Both movies were marketed well and appealed to a wide audience, and it’s easy to see a scenario where Disney sees the returns on both films as a sign that there is an appetite for later installments in the years to come.

Even though The Jungle Book and Zootopia dominated the box office this year, there are still plenty of other offerings from other studios to come, especially as we enter the more traditional summer moviegoing season. It will be interesting to see if anything can outpace these two early winners though, and whether or not that will impact the release dates of blockbusters to come.

The Jungle Book is now playing in theaters.

Source: Walt Disney Studios

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