'The Joneses' Being Developed As A TV Series For ABC

Ben Hollingsworth David Duchovny Demi Moore Amber Heard The Joneses

ABC is reportedly working on an adaptation of the smart, but largely overlooked, film The Joneses starring David Duchovny and Demi Moore into a TV series continuing the exploits of a fake family comprised of ‘stealth marketers’ peddling corporate wares to their neighbors.

Liz Tigelaar, a veteran television writer and producer whose credits include Dawson’s Creek, American Dreams and the aforementioned Life Unexpected on The CW – which she also created and served as executive producer on during its short run – is developing the series for ABC.

As mentioned, the series will be adapting the film written and directed by Derrick Borte, which also starred Ben Hollingsworth (Suits) and Amber Heard (Drive Angry 3D, The Playboy Club).

In the film, the titular family of The Joneses appeared to be the ideal American family in every way: fit, good looking and in possession of all the best new products on the market. They were, in actuality, strangers brought together to be a living commercial for whatever new ‘thing’ was ready for mass consumption.

The Joneses premiered at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival, which was followed by a limited theatrical run in the US. Ultimately, the film didn't make much of a stir at the box office - tallying only $7 million worldwide, but respectable DVD/Blu-ray rentals have raised the film's profile somewhat.

Ben Hollingsworth Amber Heard Demi Moore David Duchovny The Joneses

Still in the early stages of development, there hasn't been any word on who may be cast as the Joneses, or if anyone from the film will be reprising their roles. Behind the lens, however, director Gary Fleder (Life on Mars, Runaway Jury) will join Tigelaar as a producer on the show – although given his experience as a television director, and having worked with Tigelaar on Life Unexpected, its likely that Fleder will be handling some of the directing chores at some point.

To be honest, The Joneses almost makes more sense as a television series than it did as a feature film. Between poking fun at our word’s current media saturation and the sometimes-duplicitous actions of corporations – added to the familiar pop culture convention of family as strangers (which in this case happens to be true), and ABC may just have a very potent comedy on its hands.

Screen Rant will continue to keep up with The Joneses, as more news develops.

Source: Deadline

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