The Hobbit Still On Track For 2011 Release

Last week reports hit the net that the highly anticipated adaptation of The Hobbit by Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro wouldn't hit theaters till 2012, a year after the planned 2011 release.

As we reported earlier, the two-part production for The Hobbit will start filming in summer 2010 putting it on track for a December, 2011 release. The rumor which said otherwise surfaced last week from TheWrap’s column WaxWord, claiming that executives close to Warner Bros. don't think  Part 1 of The Hobbit would release until 2012, with Part 2 likely pushed 2013.

We said at the time it was just a rumor and according to Peter Jackson, it is just that. Talking to Collider, Jackson said that he doesn't know of any delay and that the scripts will be completed shortly after Christmas.

"Nothing has changed as far as I am concerned.  Somebody wrote something on the internet and a lot of nonsense happened.  You don’t want to believe everything you read on the internet.  We were due to deliver the scripts and be shooting sometime around April and now I think I said in an interview we were shooting in June.  And somehow people are now saying the film is delayed.  As far as I am aware, they are not delayed at all.  I am not even sure when we are going to start shooting…we are delivering the scripts just after Christmas they’ll be finished and we’ll be shooting as soon as we possibly can.  But you need a certain amount of time to finish the pre-production."

Steve Weintraub then asked Jackson specifically if 2011 is still the target for Part 1 of The Hobbit.

"At this stage, that is certainly the plan.  Yeah."

This should help ease the patience for the Lord of the Rings fans among us waiting to see Gandalf the Grey again. Jackson does point out though that the shooting date hasn't been confirmed yet and that there's still plenty of pre-production to be done. With the amount of post-production work needed on the films, we still could see a delay down the road but we're hoping things work out according to plan.

Once those scripts for both parts are finished, expect major casting announcements shortly thereafter.

Source: Collider

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