'The Heat' Red Band Trailer: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy Drop F-Bombs

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in The Heat

This writer must confess a fondness for Melissa McCarthy's comedic antics, similar to the Screen Rant Underground Podcast's Rob Keyes and his affinity for Kevin James. McCarthy transitioned from playing loud and lovable television characters on Gilmore Girls, Samantha Who and Mike & Molly with her Oscar-nominated (and movie-stealing) turn in Bridesmaids - and next year, she co-headlines two movies that feature her in an outrageous capacity, including The Heat.

Bear that in mind when I say: the above red band trailer doesn't accomplish much, as far as stoking my interest in The Heat - simply because, most of the jokes are recycled from the previous trailer (but with f-bombs stuck back in).

The script from Katie Dippold reads as a female variation on the standard buddy-cop formula; here, Sandra Bullock plays by-the-rules FBI agent Sarah Ashburn and McCarthy is street detective Shannon Mullins, an off-the-wall cop who (of course) gets partnered with and becomes (mismatched) friends with Bullock. In Dippold's defense, though, her writing resume includes more recent seasons of MADtv; not to mention, she's served as a writer and co-producer on Parks & Recreation, so there's good reason to think she'll help bring on the funny in The Heat.

Consider that doubly true for director Paul Feig, who reunites with McCarthy after Bridemaids and likewise boasts years of great TV comedy show work under his belt (Arrested Development, Nurse Jackie, The Office).

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in The Heat
Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in 'The Heat'

Nonetheless, the Heat trailers don't inspire much confidence (for me, anyway); in part, because McCarthy's background and uncouth shenanigans just don't seem to play off Bullock's square act that well. That's opposed to Identity Thief trailers, where Jason Bateman provides a better foil to McCarthy in terms of both screen personality and his character's cultural identity.

Then again, the theatrical previews for Bridesmaids never did much for me either, yet it ended up becoming one of the favorite films by last year's end. So who knows, maybe The Heat will follow suit.


The Heat opens in U.S. theaters on April 5th, 2013.

Source: IGN

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