[SR Pick]: Bill For 'The Hangover' Bachelor Party

This summer’s breakout hit has to be The Hangover. Everyone expected it to be funny and do well at the box office, but no one expected it to eclipse the $400 million worldwide mark. In case you didn’t know (or couldn't guess), The Hangover 2 is already filming and planned for a Memorial Day 2011 release.

The film revolved around a group of four guys who head to Vegas for a bachelor party and after a night of raucous activities, can’t find the bachelor, have a baby to take care of and a tiger in their bathroom. Needless to say, all the pieces come together at the end of the film but have you ever thought to yourself “Man! How much would a night like that cost?”

I know my bachelor party was not quite that elaborate. I just had 4 of my best buds over to the house; we smoked cigars and played spades until 3 a.m. then fell asleep. Total cost was $60 for the cigars. There were no strippers, drinking or hotel rooms and for sure no tigers; all of those items would have driven the cost up. But by how much?

Surely Vegas strippers and beer can’t be that expensive. As for hotel rooms, William “The Priceline Negotiator” Shatner is always telling me I can get a last-minute Vegas hotel room for under $100, and since thousands of people go to Vegas to get married every year, how expensive can that really be?

Well, a few weeks ago we posted a fantastic graph by Jack Satin, who claims to be everything Vegas, showing the best and worst bets on movie involving Vegas in the story. Today he has put together a receipt with a total estimated cost for the entire Vegas trip, including discounts, for the four guys from The Hangover. I sort of wonder how he managed to get a cost for a tiger, the GHB and getting tasered.

Either way, it’s a great list and the receipt basically runs you back through the movie. I found myself chuckling while reading it as I remembered each scene of the movie related to the cost.

How much did your bachelor/bachelorette party cost and do you have some wacky stories or pictures you’d be willing to share?

The Hangover comes out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy December 15, 2009. Enjoy the picture below:

Source: Jack Satin

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