Sequel Updates: Paranormal Activity 2 & The Hangover 2

One fringe benefit of awards season is that it brings out all those stars in hiding who we want to question about big upcoming films.

Case in point: MTV recently caught up with both Paranormal Activity "star" Micah Sloat and The Hangover star Ed Helms on the red carpet for the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards this past weekend. Thanks to some quick questions we now have new insights on both Paranormal Activity 2 and The Hangover 2.

Sloat had a bit to say about what we can expect from Paranormal Activity 2 - which is weird considering that [SPOILER ALERT!!!!] his character was killed at the end of Paranormal Activity. So why is he being kept in the loop with the development of the sequel? Could he possibly be in it? How would that work?

Anyway, here's a snippet of quote with the full video afterward, courtesy of MTV:

"All I can tell you is I'm very excited for the project, it's really cool, it's gonna be really interesting and it's not gonna suck...Well we have money now, but we're staying true to the heart of the movie, to the spirit of it, to the vision...That's all I can say."


So what are we thinking? A sequel with Micah brought back as the new demon alongside his possessed girlfriend, Katie? Or is Sloat simply talking out of turn? This is Hollywood, remember, so neither scenario is outside the realm of possibility. Guess we'll know more when they find a director for Paranormal Activity 2.


Ed Helms had only a few details to share on the status of The Hangover 2 - yet he did managed to reveal one bit of info that fans of the original have been wondering about. Oh, and if you didn't know, in the next film our favorite party guys are headed for the exotic locale of Thailand, known for its monkey towns, "ping-pong shows" and alluring...ladyboys. Perfect setting for a Hangover sequel.

As Helms told MTV:

"Well, we're gonna shoot it, and it's gonna to be awesome...It's gonna star Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis -- I have a part apparently, which I'm excited about -- and Justin Bartha, and Todd Phillips is gonna direct it."

The big "reveal" is that Justin Bartha - who played soon-to-be married bachelor, Doug, in the first one - will apparently be back for the sequel. Up until now we've wondering if Bartha's character would be included in sequel or if the other three Hangover boys would be rolling as a trio.  Glad to hear they're all coming back.

So that's it for your sequel updates. Which one are you looking forward to more?

Paranormal Activity 2 is tentatively set for release on October 22, 2010

The Hangover 2 is slated to start shooting in the Fall of 2010.

Source: MTV Movie Blog


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