'The Other Guys' International Trailer & Images

the other guys international Trailer

Back in April we got a look at the upcoming action/comedy The Other Guys with the first theatrical trailer. In my eyes it struck a nice balance of exciting action and silly comedy, and the film is one I'm looking forward to checking out this summer.

Today we have a new international trailer and some new images for The Other Guys for you to check out.


For the first half of the trailer you might have a sense of déjà vu, as it's pretty similar to the first trailer. Around the half way point there's some new footage and at the very end there's some dialogue delivered by Eva Mendes that should get the attention of the male (or female!) readers.

I won't say anymore, just check out the trailer for yourself, followed by a selection of the new images, both thanks to HeyUGuys:


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You can check out the rest of the images over at HeyUGuys.

The Other Guys looks like the film that The Man should have been, which coincidentally also starred Samuel L. Jackson (albeit in a bigger role than he's playing here). Will Ferrell looks to be playing the comedy a bit straighter than usual - although there are definitely "Ferrell-isms" to be found. Mark Wahlberg looks hilarious as his partner, mixing a bit of his character from The Departed with his usual action-man persona. There also seems to be so great cameos, from Jackson, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - even Michael Keaton!

The Other Guys may not be at the top of my most anticipated list for Summer 2010, but I reckon it will be a fun time at the theater that may lend itself to multiple rewatches.

What do you make of the new trailer and images for The Other Guys? Looking forward to this one?

The Other Guys hits theaters this summer on August 6th, 2010.

Sources: HeyUGuys (via The Playlist)

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