Get Tickets to Advanced Screenings of 'The Grey' Starring Liam Neeson

A-Team and Narc director Joe Carnahan is bringing his gritty filmmaking style into the wild for The Grey, a man vs. nature survivalist tale starring Liam Neeson as a roughneck oil driller who crash lands in the Alaskan tundra with his team, only to find themselves facing the threat of a savage pack of wolves in addition to the harsh conditions of the frozen environment.

Liam Neeson has become a bankable leading man thanks to action movies like Taken and Unknown, so there are a fair number of moviegoers who are understandably excited for this flick. Those same moviegoers will be excited to learn that Open Road Studios is holding advanced screenings of The Grey across the country - and we have the information on how YOU can attend one!

Check out the trailer for The Grey to learn more about what the film is about:

Below you'll find instructions on how you can obtain tickets for one of the advanced screenings of The Grey, along with a list of where they'll be shown:

  1. Head to to download passes to The Grey advanced screening of your choice.
  2. LOS ANGELES RESIDENTS ONLY: Enter the code "RANTMY16" into the box labeled "RSVP Code" on the upper right side of the page in order to access the tickets. (You will be prompted to create a Gofobo account if you do not already have one.)
  3. For those in the other cities listed below, you can RSVP for screenings through links provided by Entertainment Weekly and/or Moviefone.

Here is a list of the cities holding screenings, and the dates:


1.      Los Angeles (1/18)

2.      Philadelphia (1/18)

3.      Dallas (1/18)

4.      San Francisco (1/18)

5.      Boston (1/18)

6.      Atlanta (1/18)

7.      Washington, DC (1/18)

8.      Detroit (1/18)

9.      Phoenix (1/18)

10.    Seattle (1/19)

11.    Tampa (1/18)

12.    Minneapolis (1/18)

13.    Miami (1/18)

14.    Denver (1/18)

15.    Cleveland (1/18)

16.    Orlando (1/18)

17.    Sacramento (1/18)


If you make it out to one of the screenings be sure to come back and tell us what you thought!

If you can't make it to a screening (or one is not available in your area), never fear - The Grey will be in theaters everywhere on January 27, 2012.

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Get Tickets to Advanced Screenings of 'The Grey' Starring Liam Neeson