The Greatest Showman: 10 Best Costumes, Ranked

The Greatest Showman stole all of our hearts and took our breath away in 2017 when this biography drama musical hit the big screen. Following a visionary who rose from nothing into creating a show that becomes a worldwide sensation, this film has an incredible cast, a moving story, beautiful musical numbers, and stellar costumes.

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While every single costume in this film deserves some recognition, we're going to narrow it down to 10. We'd like to stand up and applaud the brilliant Ellen Mirojnick for the costume design of this film, and for the ability to create this list. Without further ado, here are the 10 best costumes this movie has to offer, ranked.

10 The Colorful Coats

Charity and her daughters are charming, graceful, and stunning, and their outfits are nothing short of all of those things. Honestly, these simple coats stick out to us for just that - their simplicity, but also their vibrancy and sophistication. Each of these ladies looks absolutely beautiful in every scene of this movie, so it was hard to pick just one, but we'll settle on these coats because we're looking to buy some for ourselves. Honestly, when will we bring back some old-fashioned fashion?

9 The Comfortable, Home Look

Charity and Barnum are going to be making this list a lot, but we thought we'd start out simple. What's brilliant about this film is that every costume can seem so simple, but all of them are stunning and absolutely perfect for the scene it's worn in.

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Charity's simple pink blouse and Barnum's purple-patterned vest totally represent where they are in their lives and their personality, and what's even more, they're looking absolutely smashing showing us.

8 Anne & Phillip's Practice Get-Up

We don't need to remind you that Zendaya looks breathtaking in everything she wears throughout this film, and that's exactly why we chose this simple look. This heartwarming scene is casual and sweet, but these two characters still look absolutely stunning. The simplicity and elegance of Anne's costume, and even Phillip's is enough to show us that the costume designers weren't messing around. Every scene is absolutely beautiful, and Anne's simple and cute pink practice costume represents everything we need to know about her.

7 Barnum & Charity's Winter Look

Honestly, this film picked some pretty stellar coats. While we're absolutely adoring that top hat, both Charity's and Barnum's coats are simply stunning. That red suit jacket with the velvet collar is to die for, and we're praying that this men's fashion returns to the modern day.

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Charity, on the other hand, is also stunning us in that velvet purple cape with the adorable buttons. Also, they look super comfy, and that's just the cherry on top.

6 All the Performing Men

While every costume in this film is incredible, every one of these male performers is absolutely slaying their simple button-up shirts and overalls. Honestly, each of these characters has a unique yet brilliant look, and we're stunned by each and every one, no matter how simple it may be. We're applauding the hell out of the costume designers right now for flooring us with shirts and pants, like sincerely, we're impressed.

5 "The Other Side" Vests

What's more incredible than Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman sharing the big screen? You guessed it, it's Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman singing together on the big screen in dashing old-fashioned vests. This song has to be one of your favorites, but all the while these two handsome men are looking dashing in their white button-ups and grey vests. They don't need a three-piece suit to wow us, and we'll gladly take them in those vests. We'll go to any side with either of you, any day.

4 Lettie Lutz's Purple Dress

Lettie is crushing every outfit tossed her way, but this dress is memorable both for its beauty and extravagance, and for the powerful song she sings it in. This is definitely Lettie Lutz, and she's absolutely slaying the game one dress and one song at a time. We can all learn a lot from Lettie and her growing self-esteem, and we're going to applaud the hell out of her and that dress. Seriously, we're not sure anyone else could pull off that purple gown as well as her.

3 Jenny Lind's Power Dress

Honestly, how could this dress not make this list? It's pretty clear how Barnum becomes absolutely obsessed with Jenny Lind after her performance. Sure, her voice is amazing, but that dress? It's stunning. This scene is absolutely mesmerizing, and we're blessed to get to feast our eyes on this magnificent costume and have our eardrums filled with her glorious voice.

2 Anne's Pink & Purple Show Costume

Zendaya absolutely kills the role of Anne's humble and ambitious character, but what's more fascinating about Anne is her ability to slay every costume she's put in. She just had to make this list one more time, and of course, this costume had to make the cut for obvious reasons. With that sparkly purple bodysuit and that pink wig, we're absolutely loving this beautiful and radiant costume. She's definitely rewriting the stars in this one, and we're loving every second of it.

1 Barnum's Ringmaster Costume

How could this famous costume not take the number one slot on this list? Honestly, Hugh Jackman was an absolutely brilliant Barnum, and he's also killing that costume. With the black top hat, golden buttons, and red coat, he'd definitely the master of the ring (and our hearts). This movie had a ton of competitors, but we're satisfied giving the gold medal to Barnum and his fancy hat and coat.

This film dazzled us from start to finish, and we wouldn't be surprised if you're going out to buy one for your next Halloween costume. You're welcome.

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