'The Girl' Teaser: Toby Jones as Legendary Director Alfred Hitchcock

A new teaser trailer has been released for The Girl, the first of two films based around the life of famed director Alfred Hitchcock. Best known for his masterpieces Psycho, Vertigo, and North by Northwest, Hitchcock had such an illustrious career that it's possible to make several more movies about his life and find that very few elements of each film overlap.

For now, though, we're focusing on The Girl, which stars Toby Jones in the Hitchcock role, and centers on his relationship with Tippi Hedren, played by Sienna Miller. Tippi Hedren wasn't as frequent a Hitchcock collaborator as, say, James Stewart, but that's only because the two crossed paths later in Hitchcock's career.

The duo only worked on two films together, The Birds and Marnie, but it was Hitchcock's belief that with Tippi he would introduce Hollywood to the next Grace Kelly. This teaser for The Girl, being only 30 seconds long, doesn't focus too much on that idea, but gives a sense for how the movie will recreate some of Hitchcock's iconic filmmaking processes, and more importantly how Jones embodies the late director.

Like Anthony Hopkins, Toby Jones certainly looks the part, but with the added boost of a narrated trailer we discover that he sounds the part as well. Whether those two components will come together in perfect cohesion isn't fleshed out in the trailer, but for the brief moments we see him Jones looks great.

Sienna Miller also looks the part playing the consistently tortured (by birds that is) Hedren. While we know that Hedren did not go on to become the next Grace Kelly, her role in The Birds, which forced her to endure "attacks" from live birds, is a memorable one.

Toby Jones as Hitchcock in The Girl

The film purports to expose not only the relationship Hitchcock and Hedren had as director and actor, but the rumors of unwanted sexual advances made towards the up-and-coming starlet. That's a little less interesting than getting a peek at Alfred Hitchcock's directing, but still an important part of the story.

The Girl is being directed by Julian Jarrold (Red Riding 1974) off a script from Gwyneth Hughes, and premieres on HBO Saturday, October 20th at 9pm.

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