The Gifted's Shatter Looks Pretty Faithful to the Comics

A new image from The Gifted proves how faithful the show will be to the source material. Tonight, FOX will bring the second X-Men live-action show to TV. After the rapturous praise Legion received earlier this year, The Gifted has a lot to live up to. Luckily, the early reviews have been mostly positive and show a series that balances both family drama and superhero action - read our take on the premiere.

Thanks to the first 6 minutes of the show being posted online last week, audiences already have a good idea of how the show will approach mutants. Characters like Blink, Polaris, and Thunderbird will remain fairly faithful to the page, while the show will bring aboard new mutants without the baggage of backstory. And while we know the X-Men and Brotherhood won't be around, the show will still be honoring the comics when it does bring characters over.

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Artist Shawn Martinbrough posted a picture of them mutant Shatter from The Gifted, along with an image of him from the comics. The resemblance is uncanny, something co-creator Martinbrough acknowledges:

New "Shatter" image courtesy of @jermaineriversofficial. Co-created by @geoffjohns & I for @marvel making his debut on #TheGifted on #FOX.

— Shawn Martinbrough (@smartinbrough) September 30, 2017

Along with writer Geoff Johns, Martinbrough created Shatter for 2002's Morlocks #1. After his powers manifested, Shatter attempted to kill himself. Instead, his hardened skin merely cracked, giving him his telltale look and name. His role in the series isn't known, but it's likely his backstory will remain.

While the looks of many of the characters on the show look to remain faithful to the comics, less is known about the history of the characters. We recently learned that Polaris, for example, may well be related to Magneto like she is in the comics. It seems, however, that the show will slowly dole out information over the first season.

Meanwhile, seemingly original characters like Eclipse and the Strucker children might be more tied to the page than previously realized. A set of images from the premiere of The Gifted released earlier today provided some more teases regarding the show's new mutants, and it seems they may not be entirely new inventions after all. With the first episode of the new series set to air tonight, we should know a lot more about the future of the show and its mutants soon.

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The Gifted premieres tonight on FOX.

Source: Shawn Martinbrough

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