The Gifted Teaser: FOX Officially Orders X-Men TV Series

FOX has just given its Marvel X-Men series The Gifted a greenlight. The mutant TV show from creator and showrunner Matt Nix will now go to series following a successful pilot directed by – who else? – Bryan Singer. Singer will serve as an executive producer on the series along the usual suspects from Fox's lucrative and long-running ­X-Men film franchise. As an added bonus to go along with the news of the show joining the ranks of comic book series on TV, the network has also seen fit to offer a quick glimpse at the series in the form of a very brief teaser trailer.

The teaser plays around with plenty of common X-Men tropes, showing two kids experimenting with their newfound abilities in the way you would think most young people would. In this case, it seems Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) has designs on showing off her telekinetic abilities to her brother Percy Hynes by pilfering a vending machine. But petty theft isn't the only thing the teaser has in mind, as it also offers a quick glimpse of the aforementioned "gifted" children's parents, Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker – though it's the latter who gets to deliver dialogue. Acker's character, Kate Stewart, tells someone off screen, "This is a burden. It's also a gift."

The Gifted X-Men FOX

While the teaser is brief, it certainly acts as a fine introduction to the sort of series fans will get. From the look of things, The Gifted has fairly straightforward approach to its comic book storyline, with the visuals falling well within what Singer has delivered before in each of his X-Men feature films. There're are a few shots of mutant powers on display, which suggests Nix, Singer, and FOX won't put the more comic book-y aspects of the series' impetus on the back burner in an attempt to play up the family dynamic or coming-of-age storyline the children will likely follow.

All in all the teaser makes for a good opening salvo from FOX and Singer in terms of getting fans excited for Marvel's merry mutants to make another pass at TV. The Gifted is a far cry from what Marvel and 20th Century Fox presented earlier this year with FX's Legion, so for viewers who were turned off by that show's, let's say, attention to a particular aesthetic, or simply want more mutant mayhem on their TV screens, The Gifted looks like it'll stand a good chance of scratching that X-Men itch.

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The Gifted is expected to premiere on FOX in the fall of 2017.

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