Stan Lee Poses for Photo With Cast of FOX’s The Gifted

Stan Lee recently met up with the cast of FOX's The Gifted at San Diego Comic-Con to snap a photo with them. The legendary Marvel figurehead will have his customary cameo appearance in the upcoming series, based on the X-Men universe. Executive produced by Bryan Singer, Matt Nix, and four others, The Gifted follows the story of Reed and Caitlin Strucker (Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker), who discover that their kids Lauren and Andy (Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White) have mutant superpowers and have to enlist the help of other mutants to escape the pursuit of the government.

That underground network of mutants will be led by the likes of Thunderbird (Blair Redford), Polaris (Emma Dumont), Blink (Jamie Chung), and Eclipse (Sean Teale). All of the main mutant characters recently got their own promos that hinted at each of their own mutant powers. Now, they can all say that they've met the legend himself, Stan Lee, as they all posed for a picture with him at SDCC.

The official Twitter account of The Gifted posted the photo on Saturday, in which Lee posed with all of the aforementioned cast members during SDCC last weekend. Also pictured is Coby Bell, whose character Agent Jace Turner will lead the government's pursuit of the mutants.

#TheGifted cast met the legend, @TheRealStanLee, at #SDCC2017!

— The Gifted (@TheGiftedonFOX) July 29, 2017

Set to premiere on Oct. 2The Gifted's pilot episode was directed by Singer and could possibly feature that Lee cameo. The official Comic-Con trailer teased a world in which the X-Men have apparently disappeared and Moyer's character will have to find a way to put aside his job in order to protect his family.

Beyond appearances from comic maestros, The Gifted should excite and engage fans of the X-Men universe. Beyond the potential for great action and visual effects, the show also appears to be as socially conscious as the parallel films, as Dumont recently described the show as being "about bigotry" and concerning mutants who have to run from "prejudice".

The Gifted certainly has great source material to draw from in the X-Men universe, and the franchise's built-in fanbase could make it a ratings hit. However, the show will need to boast compelling or sympathetic performances from its ensemble cast in order to succeed long-term. And while Singer is an X-Men veteran, his movies have been hit-and-miss. Still, the director's involvement should ultimately mean good things for the premiere and the early previews look promising.

The Gifted premieres Oct. 2 on FOX.

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