The Gifted Trailer: Family is the Ultimate Power

The latest trailer for The Gifted espouses the importance of family in the fight for mutant survival. With Legion earlier this year on FX, Fox finally began bringing X-Men characters to the small screen. The show was a huge hit, praised as one of the best genre series in years. Now, flagship network FOX will take a crack at telling the story of a mutant family on the run in The Gifted. Of course, even within the family things will be difficult for our protagonists.

As we've seen in various clips and trailers, most recently during San Diego Comic-Con, one of the parents of the new mutants on the run will be working for the very government agency trying to hunt them down. In the process, he'll be forced to weigh his allegiances and challenge what he believes. If handled correctly, The Gifted could be a rumination on bigotry and fascism that evokes the best X-Men comics. But so far, it looks as if the frightening Sentinel Services won't be purely evil.

FOX ha released a new trailer for The Gifted that touches on a number of things we've seen in previous trailers. It specifically plays out the themes of family and how the parents of the series will grapple with learning their children are mutants. This will be especially troublesome for the kids' father, who works for the Sentinel Services and will begin questioning his ideology.

Like LegionThe Gifted won't be a typical superhero show. Rather than focusing on titans saving a city or the world, the story will be a smaller and more personal one. That said, it will still have to deal with some weighty issues.

Aside from the mutant underground, the central mystery of the series will be explaining what happened to the X-Men. We know the team won't be in the show and the films won't crossover with the series in anyway, but the concept of the X-Men will still play an important role in the narrative. Likely, a number of the mutants we meet will be former X-Men and the factors that led to the team's disappearance will inform the story.

So far, fans haven't been blown away by what they've seen from the show. And it's hard to deny that The Gifted won't be anywhere near as ambitious as Legion. Still, there's room for a quieter, more intimate take on mutants. If The Gifted can pull that off, it'll stand alongside the best superhero TV has to offer.

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The Gifted will premiere on Fox, on Monday, October 2.

Source: FOX

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