The Gifted First Images Show a Mutant Family on the Run

FOX releases new images for X-Men-inspired TV series The Gifted, teasing the family at the heart of the mutants-on-the-run drama.

New official images have arrived for FOX's upcoming X-Men TV show, The Gifted, highlighting the main characters at the center of the mutant drama. For awhile now, we've known that FOX and Marvel TV were working together on two separate projects involving mutants. The first was this year's critically acclaimed Legion, which only increased the anticipation for FOX's network show. While the project remained shrouded in secrecy for months, recent weeks have finally seen concrete details emerge.

Titled The Gifted, the show will see a family with two young mutants on the run from a government dead-set on capturing them. Along the way, they'll team up with various mutant resistance fighters, with characters like Blink, Thunderbird, and Polaris coming straight from the comics. Yesterday, we finally got the first trailer for the series, giving us a better idea of what the story would entail. The short trailer managed to pack in a number of comic book connections, and certainly didn't shy away from showing off the various mutants and their powers. Now, we have a new batch of images to further explore the upcoming world.

FOX has released a set of images for The Gifted, putting the spotlight on the key humans and mutants that the new drama will revolve around when it debuts in the fall. Check them out in the gallery below:

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While the show will feature a number of mutant characters and plenty of humans hunting them, the images put the focus on the Strucker family. They'll be the characters at the heart of the drama, struggling as they enter into a world where they must resist the government forces attempting to stifle their freedom. The transition will be made even more difficult given that Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) has spent his life hunting mutants.

By focusing on the growing powers of the Strucker children, Reed's personal dilemma, and the war between the government and the mutant resistance, the show will not only be rife with rich character drama, but will parallel a number of real world socio-political issues. Mutants have long been used in the comics as a way to explore prejudice and social issues, so it's no surprise that FOX's new show will be doing the same.

It also looks as if the show has the full support of the network. Despite renewing DC's Gotham, the show was bumped back to Thursdays to allow The Gifted to take its Monday spot. While the network is still keen on keeping its DC ties, Gotham has increasingly slipped in the ratings department. Interestingly, The Gifted will now be paired with Lucifer, a show based on a comic from DC's Vertigo imprint. All told, FOX certainly seem keen on helping bring comic book properties to TV, and fans are eager for the X-Men and mutants to have a more prominent place on the small screen.

The Gifted is expected to premiere on FOX this fall.

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Source: FOX

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