The Gifted Character Posters Take a Closer Look at the Mutants

Four new character posters for FOX's The Gifted give a much closer look at the show's four main mutant characters. With the pilot episode coming from Bryan Singer (of the X-Men movies fame), The Gifted will find the director telling a whole new story and bringing four relatively unheralded mutants to the forefront: Polaris (Emma Dumont), Thunderbird (Blair Redford), Blink (Jamie Chung), and Eclipse (Sean Teale).

Although the four mutant characters possess distinctive powers that they will likely use extensively throughout the series, The Gifted is not necessarily a show about superheroes saving the world. It is being billed as a show that explores family relationships with an intimacy not commonly seen in shows of its ilk. That intimacy is reflected in a new series of character posters that take the closest look yet at the four mutants.

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FOXTV revealed the full list of character posters on Thursday. Recent character promos have showed the mutants in action, but these posters are the most vividly detailed look yet at them. Polaris' closeup highlights the mutant's bright green eyes, emphasizing the color that is universally associated with the character. Dumont also shared her Polaris poster to her Twitter account, commenting "She's gonna fight for what she believes in... and don't even try to stop her." Check out the character posters below:

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Blink's poster highlights the character's familiar green eyes and purple hair, as did her first character promo. The poster for Eclipse emphasizes the character's ability to absorb solar energy, which has led to theories that he will actually be a version of the character Sunspot. Thunderbird's poster is fairly straightforward, as the mutant's superhuman strength and physical powers don't necessarily lend themselves to visual effects like they do for the others.

Fans of the X-Men comics are surely excited to see the cinematic universe's depiction of Polaris, Thunderbird, Eclipse/Sunspot, and Blink as major characters. These posters will be welcome sights for those looking to get fresh glimpses at the mutants before the show premieres in October. They won't just put their mutant powers on display, but also take part in a bigger thematic landscape in a show about "bigotry".

The Gifted's combination of action and themes related to family and oppression give it great potential as a new X-Men series. One of the only potential drawbacks of The Gifted, however, is that it likely won't cross over with Legion or the X-Men movies that preceded it, despite being part of the same universe. That may disappoint fans, but it won't matter much if they deliver an effective portrayal of the debuting mutant characters.

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The Gifted premieres Monday, Oct. 2 on FOX.

Source: FOXTV (via CBM)

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