Latest Buzz: David Cronenberg Working On 'The Fly' Reboot

We've all been there: sitting at a picnic, enjoying an egg salad sandwich and some watermelon. You turn your head to look for a napkin and when you turn back around, without fail, there is a nasty little fly trying to grab a free meal. BAH! The whole sandwich is ruined now; doesn't matter if you only saw it sitting on the very top corner, you'll have to throw the whole thing away "just in case" it had time to trod its dirty little fly feet all over your sandwich. No sir; no one likes flies!

Unless of course said fly is Jeff Goldblum in a remake of the Kurt Nuemann 1958 sci-fi classic, The Fly. David Cronenberg directed the 1986 remake with Goldblum as inventor/scientist-turned-fly, Seth Brundle, although neither director or star would return for the sequel three years later. For years, Cronenberg insisted he did not want to be involved with any sort of reboot of The Fly but has now changed his mind. He is currently in the process of developing a Fly reboot and there is a chance he will both write the script and return to the director's chair.

Cronenberg has had some recent successes directing Eastern Promises and A History of Violence, both starring Viggo Mortensen. Which makes me wonder if Viggo could be the next BrundleFly? That is of course if Viggo is still making films. Last we heard he was, but we have no way of truly knowing until he signs on to another project. Actually, I think Viggo would be a good match to play the scientist doomed to hover around garbage.

The 1958 original Fly was all campy sci-fi, starring the master of horror, Vincent Price. It was everything you would expect from a low-budget science fiction movie of the time - very cheap effects, creepy dark story, even darker humor sprinkled throughout and a man in a suit with a giant fly shaped head. Cronenberg's remake, however, went with more of a Fangoria-style effects setup. Goldblum transforming into the BrundleFly remains, to this day, one of the creepiest things I've seen on screen. It's up there with John Carpenter's The Thing effects from 1982.

We have Chris Walas to thank for those great special effects. He did the creature effects for The Fly (but also helmed the terrible sequel, The Fly II). If Fox Studios truly does get this project off the ground, then I hope they bring Walas back on board FOR F/X WORK. If Fox and Cronenberg go the CGI route with the effects (which everyone seems hell bent on doing these days), then consider me not interested in this reboot.

Not word yet as to how soon The Fly reboot could happen, since Cronenberg recently talked about helming Eastern Promises 2. As always though, Screen Rant will keep you up-to-date with the latest information as it happens.

What do you think about seeing David Cronenberg rebooting The Fly? Excited or are you singing "Shoo Fly! Don't bother me?"

The Fly reboot is still in the larva stages and has no metamorphosis date.

Source: Risky Business Blog

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