• Batman: Year One changed the game with Bruce's origin... 1 / 9

    Batman Year One Vertical
  • And now The Flash is getting his own YEAR ONE story. 2 / 9

    Flash Year One Comic Suit Vertical
  • The secret origin just began in DC's Flash comic. 3 / 9

    Flash Year One Comic Vertical
  • And while Barry's story is familiar to start... 4 / 9

    Flash Year One Shoes Vertical
  • His mission to hit top speed leads to a BIG twist. 5 / 9

    Flash Year One Barry Vertical
  • Barry doesn't just go fast... he travels through time. 6 / 9

    Flash Year One Time Travel Vertical
  • Forever changing what fans know about The Flash's journey. 7 / 9

    Flash Year One Future Vertical
  • Who knows what else Flash: Year One will reveal? 8 / 9

    The Flash Year One Bloody Vertical
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