• The killer behind DC's superhero murders has been revealed... 1 / 9

    Heroes in Crisis Vertical
  • And it's going to break the heart of every Flash fan. 2 / 9

    Flash Wally Heroes in Crisis Vertical
  • In Heroes in Crisis #8, Wally West makes his confession. 3 / 9

    Wally West Confess Vertical
  • Wally was so distraught after losing his wife and kids... 4 / 9

    Flash Wally Family Vertical
  • He unlocked other heroes' confessions to prove he wasn't alone in his pain. 5 / 9

    Flash Heroes Crisis Vertical
  • But their suffering was too much to bear, and he unleashed the Speed Force... 6 / 9

    Flash Speed Attack Vertical
  • Killing every hero present, including his friend Roy Harper. 7 / 9

    Wally Roy Harper Dead Vertical
  • Will Wally ever escape his time loop punishment? Only time will tell. 8 / 9

    Flash Two Wallys Vertical
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