DC Finally Confirms [SPOILER] is The 'Heroes in Crisis' Killer

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Heroes in Crisis #8

The DC Universe was rocked when the Heroes in Crisis event began with a superhero mass murder. Now the hero responsible for the deaths has been revealed... and the killer's identity will tear fans apart all over again.

The first issue of Heroes in Crisis ended with Harley Quinn the only survivor of the killing spree at Sanctuary, DC's secret treatment facility for struggling heroes. Well, the only survivor besides Booster Gold, the apparent murderer. But now that the truth is finally out, fans shouldn't feel guilty about suspecting Harley or Booster did it--because that's exactly what the killer wanted them to think. Needless to say, MASSIVE SPOILERS are coming below.

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Yes, Wally West is The Sanctuary Killer

Wally West Heroes in Crisis Confession

The story structure and ending of the last Heroes in Crisis didn't reveal the identity of the killer explicitly, but hinted it strongly enough to get Flash fans wishing it was all misdirection. Sadly, it wasn't, as Heroes in Crisis #8 begins with Wally West's own confession. Not offered like the other patients, but given with blood splattered across the walls, post-massacre. And over the course of the issue Wally explains how his mental trauma over losing his family made him do the unthinkable. But calling what Wally did "murder" might not be fair, since the actual events are... a bit more complicated.

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The identity of the killer will guarantee an uproar, but writer Tom King has framed Heroes in Crisis as an unapologetic, and unguarded look into mental illness from the beginning. So for those who have struggled with PTSD, depression, or any of the other afflictions that brought heroes to Sanctuary, Wally's nagging belief may strike an honest chord. As those managing his treatment reassured him that he was not alone in his pain, or his grief, and that what he was experiencing wasn't unique to him at all... he couldn't believe them. Their comforting words might apply to everyone else, but not him. He was sick. He was too broken. And he had to know the truth for sure.

The Flash Killed Everyone With The Speed Force

Wally West Heroes in Crisis Deaths

The aforementioned confessions--videos recorded by the heroes in which they verbalize ('confess') the secrets they can't or won't accept--were designed to be instantly destroyed for security. But Wally was so desperate to know if he was truly alone in his pain, and if there really were other heroes struggling as he was in their own anonymous versions of Sanctuary, he traveled at impossibly fast speeds to observe all of the confessions faster than they could be broken down and erased. In a single instant, he witnessed countless other heroes' fears, regrets, guilt, shame, pain, desperation, and trauma. And even for the fastest man alive, the emotional toll was too much for Wally to process.

He fled Sanctuary in as aggravated and overwhelmed a state as he had ever experienced, dropping to his knees beneath the weight of the DC heroes' suffering. And for a split second, failed to hold back the Speed Force that he and other speedsters rely on for their power. The energy erupted into the world at full power, and killed the dozens of people who had come to Wally's aid.

Once Wally realized what he had done, he didn't grieve... he got to work. What he did next may answer the nagging questions in many readers' minds, but it also begins the next, perhaps MAJOR mystery and twist that Heroes in Crisis is building towards.

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