The Flash Video Game: Details of Cancelled Project Revealed

Brand new details about The Flash open world video game that was planned for release in 2009 have now been revealed.

Despite being a fan-favorite character, the video games based on DC superhero The Flash have been few and far between. While he has been represented in recent games like Injustice: Gods Among Us, he hasn’t been the focus of a video game for quite some time. It's a shame, especially considering the hero's recent surge in popularity.

Though it never saw the light of day, Bottlerocket Entertainment (alongside Brash Entertainment and Warner Brothers) once set out to develop an open world Flash video game, with the Wally West version of the character taking center-stage. Back in 2008, prior to the Batman: Arkham video game series, Bottlerocket staff worked on getting the game ready for a 2009 release, but decided to eventually pull the plug on developing the title. Now brand new details surrounding the planned gameplay and mechanics has been revealed in a new YouTube video from DidYouKnowGaming?.

Keystone and Central City were both going to be accessible via the video game, with those behind the controller able to travel between each. Both main missions and side quests would be available in each city, with those missions allowing the player to mold the world around them. For example, a player who would complete as many missions as possible would see a pair of cities thankful for the superhero’s presence, but those who only did what they needed to do to progress would feel the angst of the victims of crime around them.

The Flash - Cancelled Video Game

Villains including Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, and Captain Cold would all have played a part in the game, going up against Flash at various stages. The video even details some of the ways in which you could have taken down the antagonists, with some being standard beat-em-ups and others forcing the player to take a more creative approach. At one point, players would have even encountered the older version of Flash (Jay Garrick) in a mission where the Speedster is kidnapped by villains to experiment on his blood.

But which voice actor would have been behind the Flash’s cowl? The team was hoping to hire Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). Unfortunately, the process of development never got this far.

Knowing that there was a deeply planned Flash video game in the works that never saw the light of day really does sting for fans of the DC Universe. With any luck, The Flash's newfound popularity on television (and the upcoming film) will inspire a new game studio to bring the Scarlet Speedster to consoles. Considering the success of the recent Batman: Arkham VR, there could even be potential for Flash in Virtual Reality. This could be a real treat for fans if the studio finds a way to avoid the scary amount of motion sickness it would incur.

Source: DidYouKnowGaming?

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