The Flash 'Untouchable' Trailer: Death Comes to Central City

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We're now two episodes in to the second-half of the third season of The CW's hit series The Flash and things are starting to build with the debut of Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) in yesterday's episode, titled 'Dead or Alive'. The show is doing a great job of building its own vision of the DC comics multiverse on the small screen, by adapting several classic characters from the original comic books.

The next villain to be brought to life in The Flash series is going to be Clive Yorkin (Matthew Kevin Anderson). If you've never heard of Clive Yorkin you probably aren't alone. The showrunners are digging into the history of The Flash comic books to provide cool new takes on classic characters. No doubt you won't forget Clive when he debuts, because he literally has the touch of death.

Clive Yorkin, the meta-human that has a deadly touch that can make people decompose at a seriously fast rate of speed, will make his debut in next week's The Flash episode 'Untouchable' - as the trailer above illustrates. This character first appeared in 1979 in the pages of The Flash #270. Flash fans may recall that Clive is a prolific career criminal who was in prison for a variety of crimes (including murder), when he managed to get himself placed into solitary confinement, more for the safety of the other prisoners, and he had no options left in life. Clive was then approached to be a part of a secret experiment dubbed the Nephron Process, led by one Dr. Nephron - who was convinced that he could cure violent criminal behavior via a brain experiment that would help draw pathways between the idea of criminal behaviors and pain. Unfortunately, the experiment backfired and switched Clive's pleasure and pain centers, somehow giving him the ability to drain the life out of others at the same time.

The above promo makes it appear that The Flash is going to include a fairly cannon version of Clive in the show, although no doubt some elements of his backstory will be changed. The character ultimately gets imprisoned by The Flash in the comic books, but we'll have to wait and see if he gets caught in this version of the Speedverse. This may be just a one-off appearance from Clive for now, because we know that Savitar is going to be brought back in soon for a big arc to ride out the rest of The Flash season three.

Savitar was the biggest concern in the way of threats until now, but the inclusion of Clive Yorkin is going to put Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) in the way and maybe even Iris (Candice Patton). Comic book fans will know the dark history between Clive and Iris, but we won't spoil any of that for you here just in case the TV show decides to follows suit, in this respect.

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The Flash season 3 continues next Tuesday with ‘Untouchable' @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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