'The Flash': New Poster is Filled With DC Comics Easter Eggs

Flash TV Show Teaser Trailer

If it wasn't clear that The CW and DC Comics were well on their way to creating a shared universe, it should be now that the studio has given up any attempts at secrecy. The Flash may be building off the success of Arrow, but the showrunners have their sights set on much, much more. The latest promotional poster for the show teases not just hints at future villains and characters set to appear in The Flash, but larger companies that could span their entire TV universe.

Comic book fans have had plenty of pleasant surprises in regards to DC's television properties, with The Atom and Wildcat set to appear alongside Oliver Queen in Arrow's upcoming season and Grant Gustin's Flash joining forces with Firestorm.

It should be clear to anyone who has seen or heard of The Flash pilot that the tone and attitude of it and Arrow will be quite different. Despite that, the new poster revealed via the series' official Twitter account shows that on the streets of Central City, Oliver Queen's company - and the burger joint frequented by he and his friends - is impossible to miss.

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