'The Flash' Producer: 'Chances Are Good' Of Seeing Booster Gold

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Now that The Flash has hit the airwaves with its series premiere (read our review), fans have a far clearer picture of just how time travel may or may not factor into the series down the line. But in the world of fan-favorite DC Comics characters, it isn't just The Flash who is most often tied to the notion of time-hopping; that honor falls to the hero known as Booster Gold. And in a bit of news sure to elate fans, executive producer Geoff Johns has confirmed that a live-action Booster isn't too far off, with a guest role on The Flash the most likely plan.

Whether a die-hard fan or casual comic reader, there's no denying the appeal of Booster Gold's story: born in a future that idolized the golden age of superheroes, he acquires artifacts in his job as a night security guard, and travels back in time to become a costumed hero himself. That unorthodox origin story has led to his inclusion on Smallville, an easter egg in Man of Steel, and an attempt at his very own series (not to mention being listed as a possible DC/WB movie).

Given the popularity of the character - and his history with time-jumping - it's no surprise that during a recent premiere screening (courtesy of MTV) Geoff Johns confirmed the hero isn't out of the question. But the momentum behind The CW's superhero universe is clearly building confidence, as Johns didn't mince words when stating the likelihood of Booster Gold being seen on The Flash:

"There’s no rights issues and quite honestly Andrew and Greg have a great Booster Gold script, and Booster Gold’s a beloved character, so I would say chances are good."

For clarification, it would seem that Johns is referring to the Booster Gold series briefly developed for Syfy by both Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, current writers and executive producers of both The Flash and Arrow. While we would advise against fans holding their breath that Johns' statements imply that Booster is back in development, a guest spot on The Flash could help gain him some more supporters.

That being said, the president of The CW has confirmed that discussions of even more DC Comics spinoffs are already taking place. And with Johns, Berlanti and Kreisberg clearly fans of Booster's style, it could be safe to assume that he's on their shortlist. But could Booster slide ahead of the likes of Firestorm, The Atom, or even Suicide Squad of those in line for their own TV series? Given the surprise of The Flash's premiere - and the one on its way in the Arrow/Flash crossover event - anything seems possible now.

What are your thoughts, Booster fans? Is a tie-in story helping to shed some light on the time travel mysteries of The Flash a worthy use of the character? Or are you hoping it's simply a first step towards Booster getting his very own CW series?

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8pm on The CW.

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Source: MTV

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