'The Flash' Full Costume Revealed - Do You Approve?

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have enjoyed some success bringing their library of superhero characters to TV screens. Smallville told the story of Superman's younger years for no less than 10 seasons, while Arrow is enjoying a spirited (and fan-approved) run at the current time. Things will get a bit riskier, however, when The CW attempts to launch a new Flash TV series this year, starring Grant Gustin (Glee) as Barry Allen/The Flash.

After seeing the actor own the role during his Arrow season 2 debut, and getting a teasing glimpse of Gustin in the new Flash costume (from the neck up), we now have a full look at the Scarlet Speedster's full costume.

Check it out below - CLICK the IMAGES for Hi-res versions:

The Flash TV Series Official Costume (2014)

The first point of comparison we must make is between what is seen above and the Flash costume worn by actor John Wesley Shipp in the '9os Flash TV series. (Fun fact: Shipp has been cast in an yet-to-be-announced role in the 2014 Flash pilot.)

Flash Costume (90s TV Series)

As you can see: the colors are darker; the emblems and logos are sleeker and sharper; and faux muscle padding has been replaced by leaner aerodynamic design (possibly reflective of modern runner sports tech). Even though many fans still remember the Shipp costume with warm feelings of nostalgia, seeing the older and modern versions so close together inevitably leaves one with the felling that improvements have indeed been made over time.

More to the point: Gustin's overall body type looks like a more believable version of a superhero whose power is based in running; he looks like a better vision of who The Flash is. His costume also has that mix of leather and mesh that makes it at home with with the more modern costume design of, say,  Zack Snyder's Superman, continuing a sort of stylistic harmony arguably first inspired by Nolan's more grounded and real-world take on Batman.

How The Flash Will Be Different from Arrow
Gustin as Barry Allen in 'Arrow'

It's a important to remember that this is a touched-up promo photo (and therefore can only be trusted so far), but even from this early juncture it wouldn't be hard - theoretically - to see this version of the Flash fitting into a Justice League group shot alongside Henry Cavill's Superman. There are plenty of reasons why that maybe won't happen (ever) - but it's a good sign for the Flash TV show that this costume would be acceptable and fitting on cinematic level, let alone a television level.

But enough of our breakdown - what do YOU think about this new Flash costume?

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The Flash is expected to air on The CW in the fall of 2014.

Source: The CW

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