'The Flash' Casts Dominic Purcell as Villain 'Heat Wave'

Flash TV Heat Wave Actor Dominic Purcell

Comic book fans can add yet another classic member of The Flash's Rogues Gallery to those set to appear in the upcoming CW TV series, as Dominic Purcell (Prison Break, Blade Trinity) has reportedly been cast as the villainous Heat Wave. Beyond adding another supervillain to the roster of the series' Rogues, the casting means that Purcell will once again share the screen with his former Prison Break co-star (and fictional brother) Wentworth Miller.

News of Purcell's casting comes from sources of THR, claiming that his character will be set to appear in Episode 10 of the show's first season, although a mention of the pyromaniac could appear in Episode 4, when Miller's version of Rogues' leader Captain Cold is set to make his debut.

The villain Mick Rory a.k.a. 'Heat Wave' (two words, not one for you sticklers) first appeared in the comics as a young boy traumatized by an encounter with a refrigerated meat locker, leading him to an absolute fear of the cold. That fear soon turned to an obsession with fire, leading him to burn his own home down - with his family inside - before adopted the adult identity of serial arsonist Heat Wave.

The Flash Heat Wave New 52 Comic

In the New 52 re-launch, Rory was re-imagined as a villain capable of producing fire through an altered physiology; a rewrite to the character's origins that, much the same as Captain Cold, will likely be adopted for the series as well. The pilot episode of The Flash set the stage for a whole new world of metahuman heroes and villains granted powers alongside Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), and in the case of Rory's ability to generate fire from his chest, a path to villainy seems almost unavoidable.

Thankfully, the character's ties to Captain Cold (both in the comics and given the actors' past work) implies something a bit more complicated. As is the case with most of the other Rogues (the name given to The Flash's team of villains), Rory's character was one driven by an obsession, not simply a desire to 'be bad.' If that's preserved in the show, then fans will have something to look forward to - besides the special effects needed to bring his character to life.

All things considered, the devoted "Flash" fans will be pleased to see another established Rogue confirmed for the series, as recent casting announcements have added characters that were either confined to background roles, or more closely related to other heroes. With Captain Cold and now Heat Wave in the mix, could the like of Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, or Pied Piper be far behind?

The Flash Captain Cold Heat Wave Actors

What do you Prison Break fans think of the upcoming reunion? Will Miller and Purcell's chemistry add to the series? Or were you comic book fans hoping to see a different villain - or actor - added to the show next? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 @8pm on The CW.

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Source: THR

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