The Flash: Sugar Lyn Beard To Play Hazard in Season 4

The luck-manipulating metahuman Hazard is all set to join season 4 of The Flash. After well over a season stuck in the doldrums, the upcoming fourth season of The Flash is set to bring back much of the lightheartedness of its first year. Part of that will come from Barry learning to forgive himself. We'll also see a return to the gee-whiz fun of the show and its channeling of the Golden and Silver Age of comics.

Part of that fun will come in the form of The Flash adapting a number of heroes and villains from the page. During Comic-Con, we learned that Danny Trejo and Neil Sandilands will both be coming to the show, with the former playing Gypsy's father and the latter tackling the role of The Thinker. Along with his right hand The Mechanic, Thinker will provide a whole new threat for Team Flash as they navigate how to save Central City even after Barry returns from the Speed Force. Now, we know at least one other villain who will be coming to the show.

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Variety is reporting that Sugar Lyn Beard (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) will be appearing in episode 3 of The Flash's new season as Rebecca Sharpe. Better known as the metahuman Hazard, Sharpe is described as perpetually down-on-her-luck before she's gifted with new powers that push her into a life of crime.

Hazard first appeared in the late '80s and is the granddaughter of Golden Age rogue the Gambler. She's a relatively small villain, but her powers have the potential to really wreak havoc. Like Domino in Deadpool 2, Hazard can manipulate luck and probability for good or ill. As such, she should be able to find creative ways to counter Barry and Wally's speed.

Along with the addition of Hazard and the other supervillains, Team Flash will be gaining the heroic Elongated Man. Hartley Sawyer has joined the show in the role, but there's no telling at what point he'll arrive. We recently learned Team Flash won't all agree on how to bring Barry back from the Speed Force, so perhaps Sawyer's character will assist them in some way.

When the new season opens, Barry will be stuck in his Speed Force prison while his friends work out the best way to protect their home from its regular onslaught of metas. With promises that darkness won't be favored over light in the storytelling, however, we should see a more triumphant and enjoyable set of adventures this fall.

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The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 10.

Source: Variety

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