'The Flash' Season 1 Ending Preview: Gorilla Grodd; Justice League vs. Reverse-Flash

'The Flash' endgame teaser trailer features a Justice League team-up, Gorrilla Godd reveal and Reverse-Flash showdown as season 1 ends.

The Flash Endgame Season 1 Finale Trailer

The Flash has fans buzzing with all-time high hype for the final four episodes of season 1. The show has had a freshman year marked by a reasonably good superhero origin tale, an engrossing larger mythos, resonant character relationships, crossovers both big and small, and a frightening "big bad" hanging over it all. By now, the final showdown between Barry Allen/The Flash and Dr. Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash is merely the appropriate temple to build on a well-poured and solid foundation.

And as this new season 1 ending trailer teases, the "Endgame" is going to pull out all of the stops to deliver a truly epic experience for comic book TV fans. Watch it above.


This trailer is decidedly different than the recent "Reckoning" teaser for The Flash season 1 ending. "Reckoning" pretty much featured footage exclusive to just the upcoming episode, "The Trap"; this "Endgame" teaser features what seems to be several episodes' worth of footage, including:

flash season 1 episode 19 joe barry wells corpse

The immediate aftermath of the S.T.A.R. Labs kids' discovery of Wells' secret.

Flash Season 1 Finale - Arrow Flash and Firestorm

A "TV Justice League" team-up between Flash, Arrow (or "Assassin Arrow") and Firestorm.

The Flash Season 1 - Arrow vs Reverse-Flash

Arrow's seemingly permanent solution to the Reverse Flash problem.

Flash Season 1 Gorilla Grodd First Look

Gorilla Grodd finally making his presence known for episode 21 (airs May 5th), in full CGI glory.

The Arrow/Reverse-Flash execution scene is especially interesting in terms of what Thawne dying could mean for the timeline. Especially for his ancestor, Eddie, whose own fate could be tied to a future stint as the second Reverse-Flash. For fans though, the quasi-Justice League team-up is going to blow previous crossovers (Flash/Arrow, their supporting characters, A.T.O.M.) right out of the water.

Finally: how does Grodd look to you - and are you excited for The Flash season 1 finale?


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Gotham airs on Mondays @ 8pm on Fox; The Flash airs Tuesdays @ 8pm on The CW; Arrow airs Wednesdays @8pm on The CW; Supergirl is expected to air in the Fall 2015 pilot season; Titans is currently still in development.

Source: The CW

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