'The Flash' Season 1 Ending Preview: Gorilla Grodd; Justice League vs. Reverse-Flash

The Flash has fans buzzing with all-time high hype for the final four episodes of season 1. The show has had a freshman year marked by a reasonably good superhero origin tale, an engrossing larger mythos, resonant character relationships, crossovers both big and small, and a frightening "big bad" hanging over it all. By now, the final showdown between Barry Allen/The Flash and Dr. Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash is merely the appropriate temple to build on a well-poured and solid foundation.

And as this new season 1 ending trailer teases, the "Endgame" is going to pull out all of the stops to deliver a truly epic experience for comic book TV fans. Watch it above.


This trailer is decidedly different than the recent "Reckoning" teaser for The Flash season 1 ending. "Reckoning" pretty much featured footage exclusive to just the upcoming episode, "The Trap"; this "Endgame" teaser features what seems to be several episodes' worth of footage, including:

The immediate aftermath of the S.T.A.R. Labs kids' discovery of Wells' secret.

A "TV Justice League" team-up between Flash, Arrow (or "Assassin Arrow") and Firestorm.

Arrow's seemingly permanent solution to the Reverse Flash problem.

Gorilla Grodd finally making his presence known for episode 21 (airs May 5th), in full CGI glory.

The Arrow/Reverse-Flash execution scene is especially interesting in terms of what Thawne dying could mean for the timeline. Especially for his ancestor, Eddie, whose own fate could be tied to a future stint as the second Reverse-Flash. For fans though, the quasi-Justice League team-up is going to blow previous crossovers (Flash/Arrow, their supporting characters, A.T.O.M.) right out of the water.

Finally: how does Grodd look to you - and are you excited for The Flash season 1 finale?


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