The Flash Season 3 Finale Trailer Teases Fallout From Savitar Twist

The penultimate episode of The Flash season 3 sets up a Flash vs. Savitar showdown for the show’s season finale. And a short teaser for next week’s offering has been released, offering a quick peek as to what fans can expect from the show following the tragedy that transpired in 'Infantino Street'.

In the first look at 'Finish Line', Barry (Grant Gustin) is seen still reeling from the events that led to his team losing one member. Unable to save Iris (Candice Patton) from Savitar, the Scarlet Speedster is left motivated, now more than ever, to schedule a one on one against his evil doppelganger. Elsewhere in the 20-second teaser, Savitar is also seen seemingly announcing to Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker), “Today, I became a God.” There are also snippets of Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) breaking down after Barry fails to save Iris. 

The events of this week's offering will surely still weigh down on Barry and the rest of his team’s shoulders -- especially so with Iris’s unfortunate fate. Given this, it is almost expected that The Flash creators are looking to tie some loose ends and polish up some unfinished business before they wrap up for the year.

The Flash Once and Future Flash Savitar Poster

But aside from the imminent spectacle for the season finale with only one of the two Flash presumed to survive beyond the current season, it is interesting how everything will move forward on The CW show. Speculations are running high online about the possibility of totally eliminating this alternate timeline and reverting it back before Barry created Flashpoint. While this definitely will leave the overall narrative easier to follow and will keep certain characters alive and well, it poses some cons, including losing Julian Albert (Tom Felton), who has been a strong supporting character this season. Furthermore, Killer Frost would also be back to Caitlin Snow.

The match-up already set in for season 3 finale relegates Gustin with the task of playing both the hero and villain for the upcoming installment - and it is interesting how the actor will pull off both performances. There is something to be said about the range of emotions that Gustin would need to deliver in this particular episode, in order to service the story arc that the show is trying to effectively tell.

The Flash season 3 finale airs next week, May 23, 8 pm ET on The CW.

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Source: The CW

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